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Paul Fishbein Takes Over Sales for AVN-UPDATE

Paul Fishbein sent out a letter saying that he will be taking over some of the sales for AVN. He says that Former AVN sales person Sara Sazzman is now employed by Xbiz, and he will be doing her former duties. Here is the letter Paul sent me, along with a portion of the circulation documents and a link to the whole PDF file.

March 25, 2009

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, Sara Sazzman has left AVN and begun employment with XBIZ.

While we wish her the best in her new position, I must take issue with information that Sara is sending to people in the industry. She says, “XBIZ has the same reach (as AVN) for less.” I believe this statement is patently false.

Attached, please see our audited circulation statement, which proves AVN’s circulation of over 18,000 qualified B2B readers per month. During her employment with AVN, Sara herself has pointed out our audited circulation figures, compared with XBIZ and their lack of an audited circulation. I strongly urge you to ask Sara for comparative circulation data before you accept a sales pitch based on false information.

For over 26 years, AVN has worked diligently to provide retailers, chain stores, adult book stores, wholesale distributors, VOD companies, foreign sales brokers, cable operators the most objective reviews, legal information and marketing information available, while spending the proper time, money and skill to qualify our readers. We know that AVN gets into the hands of those people making the buying decisions, which affects your bottom line.

While I am calling most of you individually, I want to let you know that I will be taking over Sara’s duties and handling most of sales for AVN myself. This way, I can speak to all of you on a regular basis, assess your needs and help you with marketing plans that are not only the most effective for you, but also the most cost-effective as well.


Paul Fishbein
Founder & President,
AVN Media Network

whole file here

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