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PAW Shows Gratitude to XXXWRTW Volunteers

Protecting Adult Welfare Foundation (PAW) Press Release

by Bill Margold

In a deeply heartfelt farewell to Amber Lynn’s well-intentioned but eventually undermined production We Are The World XXX—Protecting Adult Welfare is showing its gratitude to all those who ‘volunteered’ their services on both sides of the camera by offering them free admission to its annual ‘Fun’d-raiser Bare Bowling event on Sunday evening, August 31—according to PAW spokesperson William Margold.

”I can’t think of a better way to thank all those who labored in the name of goodwill than to make this gesture,” stated Margold. ”It was an honor and a pleasure to donate my time to the remarkable We Are The World XXX project that (at least) has been gloriously displayed in a two page spread in the current issue of AVN, and I am extremely grateful to Amber for giving me the opportunity to participate,” Margold concluded.

For further details about Bare Bowling- e-mail PAW ([email protected]).

NL-BTW- Bill Margold called me a few weeks ago to let me know I could interview him about the XXX WRTW situation. He wanted to do it the next afternoon but I had to cancel as I had another interview scheduled. I asked Bill to instead send me a statement of what he wanted to say about XXX WRTW, he never did.

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