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Peace Corpsman Charged with Sexual Abuse of Those Under 6 Years Old!

NL- This disgusts me about as much as anything can. Children under the age of six??? And at an AIDS clinic, meaning they or someone in their family have AIDS? Could these poor babies’ lives be any worse? Do you think he joined the corp just to be around young, innocent children? This guy should be hung by his penis until he suffers and dies! Just my opinion of course…

From read whole story by  Karestan Koenen, here

A former Peace Corps volunteer, Jessie Osmun, was arrested early this month in Milford, Connecticut, and charged with sexually abusing five girls under the age of 6 in an AIDS clinic in South Africa.
According to a complaint, the abuse was discovered when a teacher saw Osmun follow three young girls into a preschool building. Prosecutors say Osmun appeared startled and zipped up his pants. They say the girls referred to Osmun as “uncle” and said he gave them candy for performing oral sex. He has not entered a plea.

In its 50th anniversary year, the Peace Corps has found itself embroiled in controversy over reports of sexual assaults of volunteers — and now this accusation of sexual assault by a volunteer. In January, Brian Ross of the ABC News program “20/20” interviewed six women who said that they had been sexually assaulted in the Peace Corps, and that the organization had disbelieved their reports of being attacked.
The outcry following the report led to hearings by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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