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Pedophile Documentary- Interview with the Director- Exclusive

Are all Men Pedophiles?
Produced by JW Productions
Directed and Produced by Jan-Willem Breure

NL-I watched a shortened  version of this documentary. It starts off with “What is the difference between you and a pedophile?” This documentary maker looks throughout history to find that adults have always had sex with children and that it was acceptable in the past. (Think Greece & Rome) And this behavior of young sex does continue in tribal societies. Teen modeling, priests and  women as pedophiles are all discussed. Opinions (done as a voice over) were stated and presented as facts, which with this subject matter is a bit scary. The interviews with pedophiles were eye opening and frightening. Worth watching for sure. I found the doc very interesting and informative.

You can watch the trailer here

I did a quickie interview with Jan-Willem Breure. Why this subject matter?   We are all sexual beings. So it is important to understand what is natural and what our limitations are.

What scientific studies did you base your information on? (To back up such statements as Men are naturally attracted to girls around the age of 16 and that girls usually have sex earlier)
  16 is the physical age of maturity of females. This is biological. Girls also mature faster than boys and therefore have sex earlier.


As your film shows, throughout early history (Greek, Roman etc..) adults had sex with children. Why do you think  this changed  to a taboo?  Education is the main reason for change and basic education ends at 18. If you get pregnant before your completed education this impacts your chances of success. So it is the parents best interest to create a taboo which supports this system. In Ancient times only the elite went to school, and most of them were male, so the general population started working at early puberty and were also viewed as adults. The word ‘Teenager/puberty’ is a modern term.

What do you hope to accomplish by making and showing this documentary?
That people finally understand what real pedophilia is.

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