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Pelanie, Francesca Chase Interviews

I meet them Sunday night.

Pelanie is her real name. Video.

She’s Thai.

As a kid, she wanted to grow up to be a fashion buyer.

She hung out with the cheerleaders in high school.

Pelanie says her best friends would describe her as funny and outgoing.

As a kid, Francesca wanted to be a doctor. Video

“I was home-schooled through Western Christian Academy. I was a missionary too. I’ve been to India, Mexico and some Israeli country, a small one. A little town in Israel. My parents are missionaries. They don’t know I do this.”

Luke: “How would they react?”

Francesca: “They would die.”

Luke: “When did you decide to go wild?”

Francesca: “About six months ago. I went through marriage, divorce and decided I’m not going to be cooped up anymore…and explore my own sexuality.”

“I was a Budweiser girl and Coors girl. I started cocktailing and bartending. I was working three jobs. I was working construction… I had all these jobs and I never made any money. I tried modeling. It didn’t pay great for bikini shoots.”

She’s yet to do her first scene.

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