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Penny Flame’s Book About Leaving the Industry…

NL-This is former porn star Penny Flame’s new book. I look forward to reading it. She is an excellent writer.  I have a feeling this may not be too kind to the porn industry, but i haven’t found out any details yet .. It comes out in July

This is the description on Amazon-

Former porn star, reality TV personality, and blogger Jennie Ketcham presents a strikingly honest, disarming memoir about her descent into the emotionally numbing world of pornography and addiction and her path toward recovery.
Jennie Ketcham pulls back the curtain on sex addiction from a uniquely female perspective, tracing her descent into pornography and addiction to sex, drugs, and alcohol. Her interpretation of her dad’s warning that “guys only want one thing” to mean “if you use your sexuality creatively, you can take over the world and own all the men therein,” combined with the trauma of her parents’ marriage unraveling, led her to lose her virginity at thirteen. By eighteen, she was nude modeling, and, as her increasing involvement with pornography began to take its toll on her relationships, she thrust herself further into the enticing world of immediate gratification. Eventually, she was participating in hardcore shoots and answering only to the name Penny Flame.
     When Penny entered Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew to drum up publicity for the porn Webcam studio she managed, she encountered what she least expected: The beginning of her road to recovery. Now, Penny Flame is Jennie once more—she is back in school, in a committed relationship, and has reconnected with her father. As two stories converged, that of a troubled young woman who flees intimacy and that of a woman breaking down emotional barriers and building a new life, I Am Jennie is a poignant and honest memoir, and an eye-opening account of sex addiction and the toll it can take on women.

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