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People Busted Having Sex In Alleyway Behind Club Are Now PornHub Stars

Well would you look at that, it seems the gross alleyway behind the The Point club in Sutherland, UK is the hot spot for couples to have some public sex. And oh, these couples have become a hit on PornHub thanks to the CCTV cameras that busted them in the act.

It’s now become a common things for couples, after a night of drinking and dancing to horrible music from Skrillex (probably), to take the fun to an alleyway. From one-on-one sex, to a threesome, to a woman that continues to smoke while having sex are just a few scenes that have played out in that now famous alleyway. And oh, these clips have been uploaded to everyone’s favorite porn site, PornHub.

These videos have reeled in over 1.5 million hits (and counting), and have made stars of these unsuspecting guys and gals.

Here’s what one nightclub visitor had to say about all this:

“These couples clearly don’t have any issues with a quickie in public — but I don’t think any of them expected to ever become sex stars with the public. There is little left to the imagination. Alcohol clearly affects some of the lads’ performances so professional porn stars won’t have much to worry about in the way of stiff competition.”


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