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Pepe Translates his Spanish interview with Rebeca Linares to English just for LIB Readers

Pepe translated his interview with Rebeca Linares from Spanish to English just for us!       TY Pepe.   This is Pepe’s site


RockPepe Hi Rebeca, ¿How are you? You know  I don’t know what I would do without you, How is going the things in L.A.?

Rebeca: Well…Lately I was a little sick because I was fixing my teeth, Now my mouth is like an Hollywood actress!! White and Perfect!! Hahaha  a pleasure always talking with you my nasty boy from Madrid.

RockPepe: What is this thing called Feature Dance?

Rebeca: Well…What is Feature Dance? There are Strip Clubs here in America, In Spain we have not that kind of clubs where the clients gives them money meanwhile the girls are dancing, is the same you can see where we see movie I mean guys throwing dollars to the hotties who are striping and dancing.
Well I do this to get to know my fans from all the states I use to go in fact I started Feature Dance in Clubs for many states in the West for meeting more fans and signing pics during four hours a day.
One weekend a month I travel around beautiful America. In January I was in the Rio Club in L.A. In February I was in the Stilletos Grainville of Texas and the last month I was daincing in the Platinum Club in South Carolina, in that club they gave me a very warm welcome with a nice party with more than 900 fans who was shouting my name, everybody was out of control, I had close to me 6 security members who were around the stage but they couldn’t stop that a few fans got out of control and climb to the stage in the middle of the show, some drunk wanted being the leading role in the show but fortunately I could finish my show successfully.
At the end of the show I was signing pics, magazines and DVDs, autographs and Polaroids for more than an hour, It was amazing in three days I did ten shows.
 Mi next shows will be in Tampa (Florida) 8 and 9 in June I will be 4,5 and 6 in El Paso (Texas) Red Parrot Club is all I can say tell you in this moment. I send you the pics from Río Club in L.A. where it was my debut in Feature Dancing, the pics was stolen because camera don’t be allowed there, you know copyright and all that shit!! Anyway this is a present for you.

RockPepe: I can see you are totally focused with Feature Dance but tell me What’s about that TV show you are going to work in a future?

Rebeca: I will be hosting a TV program  that we are working so hard, it will be a TV show called “Intimidades” where we will talk about life and affaires from celebrities and normal people, singers, porn stars, strippers even prostitutes!  Who have intimate affaires, they will tell about them not to mince words we are working now in the pilot programme. I hope starting it next month…

RockPepe: I know you are up to a new important project…Can you let me know about it?

Rebeca: It’s too soon for talking about it…but I will tell you something: Hold on tight Pepe, Penelope Cruz will not be anymore the unique Celebrity in the Spanish Movies…

RockPepe: What more things are ruining around this head?

Rebeca: I will tell you that because Piracy and the crisis porn actress are suffering a big problem now but in general is because piracy with this I meant that everyone who has stolen porn in internet they must to think  they have to be conscious about the consequences of this. For this I decided that shooting porno is not my main priority in this moment…I hope that fans can change my mind this option anyway everyone who want to write me can do it to my fan club: Rebeca Linares ,18653 ventura blub # 307 , Tarzana, California, 91356 USA they will received an autograph from me.

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