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It’s not a Parody.  The book has chapters such as- Why Modern Women are such a Mess, The Feminazis, Every Bimbo’s Quest and The Male Code of Honor. Training your wife is an important part of keeping your marriage together and keeping the man in charge. Here are some notable quotes-

“What every guys wants is a private slut. “

“An obedient bitch, (woman or dog)  is a good bitch.”

“As men we have three needs; to eat, sleep and to blow or wad.”   NL- I guess breathing is not neccessary.

“A good wife always knows her place.”

“For every woman in the workplace, there is an empty kitchen.”

“Giving women the right to vote was one of the all time biggest mistakes  the USA ever made.”


NL-If you’d like my copy, because I certainly don’t want it, leave me a comment and tell me why.


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