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Performer of the Year- Carmen Hart-interview-correction

NL-This interview with Carmen was done last year at this time, right after she won the 2007 Exotic Performer of the Year. She just won this award again!

Tony Batman writes to corrects me-Carmen won the Exotic Performer of the year last year,this was a dance contest held I think in the Midwest somewhere.The award she just won was the Exotic Dancer Magazine Performer of the Year which is based on votes from peers and fans.


Carmen Hart started her sexy career as a Hawaiian Tropic model. She was crowned Easy Riders’s Fox Hunt winner, and appeared in several magazines and calendars. Then she took the exotic dance world by storm when she started collecting titles including Hottest Stage personality, Miss Nude 2006, Best Body and Best Dancer. Just recently she was named the 2007 Exotic Performer of the Year. But her main love is sex and she loves her job as a Wicked Contract Girl. She starred in the award-winning Manhunters, and her newest movie “Just Between Us is so good it is going in my personal collection. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Carmen recently. She had me cracking up laughing, blushing until my face was bright red, and falling in love & lust with her all in the space of an hour. She’s the girlfriend every guy dreams about…..

Interview By Cindi Loftus • Courtesy of Xcitement Mag

To read the whole interview and see the naked pictures CLICK HERE

Photos Courtesy Of Wicked Pictures

Xcitement: Good Morning!
Carmen: Good Morning!
X: That’s something I don’t usually say to people I am interviewing!
C: I’m good and ready for ya!
X: That’s a nice thing to say!
C: (Cracks up)
X: Forget about the interview. We’ll have phone sex.
C: Okay good, because I haven’t masturbated today.
X: Well “Just Between Us” your movie was masturbation material!
C: You’re so funny.
X: I watched it last night and that was a great movie!
C: I am eager to hear what you have to say about the movie. I haven’t heard about anyone watching the whole movie except AdultDVDEmpire and they gave it a good review. Tell me what you loved about it because that was one of the hardest roles I have ever had to play. It was very emotional and believe it or not every time you have to do something for the first time it is always nerve wracking. And I can play comedy like crazy. That just comes naturally to me. But to pay such a demanding role is almost embarrassing because you’ve got twenty people just staring at you and the room is dead quiet and you are having to conger up tears for a scene and be very vulnerable both for the camera and well as everyone else.
X: How do you make yourself cry? Do you pretend that you are really the character?
C: The pain was there. I had been in a relationship for five year and it had just drained me as far as the unfaithfulness. The whole thing that 80% of couples go through at one point. I was able to go back to the point and think about how it hurts so bad to have that happen. And have me cheat and know how shameful I felt about it. I was able to pull from that. Now that was years ago, because now I am more of an open person and I bring women home to men that I have relationships with and it’s more of an open relationship so it doesn’t quite happen like that anymore. But I was able to think back to a time when it was that way. Also when you can feel the tears are there, but you are doing the scene for or five times and they are yelling cut, it kind of breaks into the mood of things. You can’t keep getting back to that point of crying every time because they are calling action so quick. There is a kind of little crystals that they use in mainstream movies that you blow into your eyes and it burns a little bit and makes your eyes watery and produces tears.


X: That’s cool. There are always tricks of the trade. Okay, what did I love about the movie? You were just so good. This is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year and your acting and Randy’s acting was amazing. I loved the story, I loved the twist at the end. I loved the drama. The movie played so close to real life, people cheat, that’s what happens everyday. The way it worked out in the movie was so interesting. All the acting was spot on. The sex scenes were long and hot. It was your movie and you rocked it. You get an A+!
C: (Squeals) I am so glad to hear that! Last year I would say dude I don’t’ think I can act at all. And people would say no, you are so natural.
X: Well I have you down for a best actress nomination, Randy for best actor and Jessica for a best screen-play. I think Wicked should put a big push on this movie because this could be one of the best movies this year.
X: Yes. I did love this movie. A lot of times I have to watch a movie and I fast forward through the sex scenes because I’m a girl and I’ve been doing this for fifteen years. I watch the sex scenes, just on double speed. (Laughs) I watched this whole movie, including the sex scenes from start to finish! I even watched some of the BTS even though it was 4 am.
C: Well when I watched Just Between Us, it was like I wasn’t even playing the role. I’m just looking at it like gosh what is going to happen next. Even though I knew, I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like. It was so dramatic. I am very proud of it.
X: You should be. Of the movies you’ve been in so far, this is my favorite one. I liked Manhunters, but I love this movie, and this is YOUR movie. I like watching a real dramatic movie with a great storyline that has sex in it.
C: No wonder you like Just between Us.
X: It would work on television. If you took the sex out of it, it would still be a great movie. It would be a short movie! (Laughs)
C: I just finished working on a movie called the Girl on 6C. There were so many sex scenes in that movie that it took up two of the movie shoots I do for the year all in one. It was so demanding. I did four sex scenes in one day.
X: Oh my God!
C: I did a b/g sex scene with Eric Masterson, a BJ, then another BJ with Chris Cannon. That went into a blow bang with three other guys. Eric made me come during our scene. And then I had all the BJ’s later. Eric usually turns me really on during a sex scene and don’t get me wrong, work is work, but I do make it a point to try to have an orgasm and sometimes with the position it’s very difficult. But Eric is the bomb. He is the lead in new movie that we are filming next week and I am actually very excited about it. And I like working with Brad Armstrong but Brad doesn’t get in front of the camera all that often.
X: Well he did in Just Between Us.
C: That was on of my favorite scenes to perform in. It was just so hot. There are only a couple of others that are as hot as that one. And there will probably be one in the future that over shadows that one. They just keep getting better.
X: But you liked the really long scene with Brad, where he picked you up and carried you over to the pool table?
C: That was a very long scene. We fucked for two hours. I loved it. I usually work with Randy, Eric or Brad, less with Brad. It is hard to find guys that can act. My next movie I play a nerd and I need a guy who plays a nerd also.
X: I’ll tell you who can act and can really fuck.
C: Who?
X: Voodoo.
C: I KNOW! Get this. I have been dying to fuck Voodoo for so long. Voodoo was hired for a blowjob scene for Flashpoint X. I got so horny just blowing him and he wasn’t even doing anything for me except letting me blow him. I got so horny and he was so turned on by that I was gorgeous, that I was like Dude, I am fucking you in one of my next movies. I couldn’t put him in this one because I couldn’t see him playing a nerd with the Mohawk and everything. So I have a big poker movie that Jonathon Morgan wrote for me, because I love poker. Oh my God it’s going to be completely adlibbed and I can do the comedy really well and I’ve requested Voodoo for it and if I don’t get to fuck him in that movie I am going to be pissed!
X: I don’t blame you. So this twangy accent you have is from where?
C: North Carolina.
X: You have a southern backwoods full of pick up trucks accent.
C: (Laughs) People will look at me and think is she Latina And I’ll say I’m full-blooded Native American. And they’ll have the expression like God we didn’t think those existed anymore and they’ll go are you lying and I’ll go no there are forty thousand Indians in my tribe. They think they will see me step off a farm instead of a reservation. People have the preconceived notion that when you talk like this you ride horse back and wear a cowboy hat and go two-steppin’ on Thursday nights.
X: Definitely!
C: But really it’s like, the white people in our neighborhood are hicks like that. We’re just crazy Indians that talk like that because that’s the neighborhood. My community was straight rough. The Bronx? Drive me through the Bronx I won’t be scared of none of that shit. Where I come from it is very rough, and you wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but it was very bad.
X: What kind of Native American Indian are you?
C: Lumbee.
X: You love women too, don’t you. You are like a lipstick lesbian.
C: (Laughs) I don’t sleep around with men, when I go on the road. I’ve had two serious relationships. One was not that long ago and one was for the five years. Never had to worry about me even wanting to be with another man. Once I have good sex with a guy and he’s like the male person in my life. I don’t bang any other men. Except for my job, and that’s my job. Now I cannot be with a man who doesn’t want me to be with another women. I will never be able to live my life like that. It just can’t happen. I love it too much. I am always willing to bring her home to him,,,
X: To share.
C: Exactly, and I love that. I am the coolest girlfriend anybody could possible have. The only chicks that I get along with and hang out with are bitches that I bang, because all my friends are guys. I had two girls fighting over me at the titty bar last week and when I went back I had to promise the one who didn’t get to fuck me yet, that she’d get to fuck me and that the other one wouldn’t be there.

X: (Laughs)
C: You need to hang out with me more often because I can keep you rolling too baby.
X: I’ve only seen that show a couple times but I loved it. Mary and you were both on it. So what is the best sex you’ve ever had in your whole life?
C: I’ve had sex with, uhm, a number of people (laughs). The best sex I’ve ever had was definitely not on camera. My lifestyle outside of this business is a little more aggressive then usual. I have been known to be bruised from my feature dancing and stuff, don’t take this the wrong way, not that I like men to beat up on me, but I like REALLY ROUGH SEX. I am quite sure that it’s okay for me to say this, it’s just my special preference. I like to get choked, sometimes I like to get smacked, and rough handled.

X: Pull your hair, slap your ass?
C: Pull my hair, slap my face. When it comes to girls I like to dominate them, and I like to choke them if they let me. But with the men the best sex I’ve ever had was with a guy who probably didn’t think I was crazy for wanting him to handcuff me to the ceiling and face fuck my ass and then bring me down and handcuff me bent over backwards completely doggy style and choke me.
X: So you like manly men and girly girls.
C: EXACTLY! OH MY GOD! I never really thought about that.
X: You want the girl to be submissive and the guy to be dominant.
C: Exactly!
X: I don’t have to ask you what the weirdest sex you ever had is because it probably goes along with the best sex you ever had.
C: I think so. A ball gag, a blindfold, some handcuffs, stripper heels and thigh highs.
X: And that was on YOU.
C: That was on ME! With my hands handcuffed behind me doing it doggy while he is holding the handcuffs and choking me at the same time.
X: I want a picture of that for my ceiling.
C: You know what is funny? For your ceiling… (breaks up laughing)
X: Do you talk dirty during sex?
C: Hell yes.
X: Talk dirty to me baby!
C: I am going to blindfold you and I’m going to put my hand around your neck. I’m going to rip off your shirt, than I’m going to undo your bra and take out your big titties and stick them in my mouth and lick ‘em and nibble on them a little bit.
X: (Breathless) Oh my God! You are so bad, I’m out of breath.
C: I wasn’t done.
X: Sorry. I had to stop you, I am blushing. You would make the best girlfriend in the world for a guy.
C:  If only the one billionaire that needs this kind of girlfriend could come and see me. Give me a shout out at [email protected] let me know if you are Sugar Daddy material. I’ll make it worth your while.

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