Period Sex: Just Do It

So, your girl is on the rag and so you think that means a week of no sex and a crabby bitch of a partner. Well, that’s a bad stereotype and it’s just not true. There are many reasons that sex on the period is a good thing, and there are many reasons you should give it a try. Of course you don’t need to do anything you absolutely don’t want to do, but let’s try to sway you away from your period shy ways. The first thing to do if you want to approach sex on the period is to ask your partner if they want to and if they are OK with it. If you’re both on board to try it, then you have already completed step one.

So now what do you do? Well, put down a towel for one, preferably one that is brown or red. That will take care of any residue that comes out. You can also do it in the bath or shower which will make the whole affair quite easy to clean up if there is any mess. There are actually quite a few benefits to having sex during this special time of the month. First of all, it can lessen the painful cramps that some women tend to get. It also can help to balance out any hormone spikes because sex releases a lot of helpful hormones for the whole thing. Plus, some studies show that women tend to have better and harder orgasms when they are on their period, so you may bring your girl to new levels of pleasure. There are even guys who don’t mind going down on a chick on her period too!

For those who don’t want to deal with a mess, there are a few products that can be used which will still allow you to fuck on the rag. There are natural sponges that you can shove up there to soak up the stuff which also feel normal when a guy is pounding your pussy. There are also special cups called Instead Cups. These are a menstrual cup that will catch any flow and also allow you to have sex because they are quite soft, unlike more durable cups like the Diva Cup or the Moon Cup, which do not allow for intercourse.

How have you been missing this orgasmic time of the month for your girlfriend? Go turn on the shower and light some candles right now, or maybe watch some hot porn that you found here on ThePornDude for inspiration! Now go get her you dirty dawg!

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