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Persia Pele, a bad girl? or a very bad girl? a walked off set girl?

Monday, April 27th  I received these pics & a note in my e-mail-

hello , i would like to introduce you to Persia Pele, the persian prinsexxx of porn. Persia is available and would love to do an interview for your site
We can talk about biz, scenes, fun, jokes or whatever floats your boat.   good site btw

Persia pele xoxo

She (or her PR person Vinnie of Exquisite Modeling) is getting out there, and I love girls ( or teams) that have the brains to do a little work to get their name out there. She was even promo-ed by Vince on PornStarPerformance.

Unfortunately another report  about her on Porn Star Performance, wasn’t so good-

April 20th
Persia Pele -be careful.!!
Since when can models post on this site? She walked off my set and there was no reason to walk off, she knew who the male talent was and it was a ggg/b shoot and she was ok with it from A list talent. So do not take chances with your money….normally i do not post bad things about talent but this girl walked out of a shoot after makeup artist spent and hour on her , It was a gggb shoot and she said she did not like the male talent. So while we waited for Donna Doll to show up from LADIRECT . One of the other female talents said she walked off set at another shoot that she did with her, so do not waist your money.. I thought this place was for producers not model agents.,..

Persia responds-  hello guys. this is persia pele, my friend told me about the comments. It is true there were a situation when i walked off but in my defense, there was a location issue with the production and police came over. I felt this was not professional and decided to leave. the second time, production spent another 2,5 hours for location and wanted to shoot at the camera man place or even my place.. again unprofessional Just to say this, im sure we all had difficult moments with shoots but those were my reasons to walk off. Im very professional and have gotten great reviews from producers and fans. So lets keep the momentum going, make great productions and create magic. i have an amazing time performing. Love and hugs Persia

NL- If either side, or anyone else that has shot Persia would like to add to this drop me a line.

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