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Peter North- Exclusive Interview-He’s Back!

I’ve heard that you are BACK. Are you back to starring in movies? Back to producing/directing movies? Back to putting out movies? All of the above?

Yes, all of the above.  I came back this past year, and am now shooting all of my productions in HD, which is a change from when I shot last. I recently shot some great scenes with Isis Taylor, Cindy Hope and Tanner Mayes, and have several more planned in the coming months.  All of my new content can be seen on my official website, and in my new releases, available through my official online store, located on my facebook fan page (

As far as managing my productions, I’m involved in selecting all of the talent for the scenes, as well as scouting for new locations and coming up with creative ideas for new series.  We are releasing four DVDs per month right now, through my new distribution partner, Pure Play Media (, so things are really picking-up in terms of production.

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you lately, on a set?

I was doing a scene with Cindy Hope in a jail cell and we were in the middle of shooting and the door to the cell locked on us and it took us a while to even find the key. I guess that doesn’t sound that funny when you just write about it, but when you are in the middle of shooting a scene, and that kind of thing happens, it’s pretty funny.

Honestly, the most interesting (and funny) thing that happened on a scene was when I was shooting a scene with Monica Sweetheart and my pop was so big that it flew across the room and hit the cameraman in the face…now that was funny. I have to dig up the un-edited version of that scene and post it as exclusive on my website soon.

What can we look for from you in the near future?

A lot. I’m in talks to write a book right now with a couple well-known writers. I am also working on a new toy line, and am considering re-launching Peter North Secret…which is a line of pills I used to sell through my distribution company, that actually really DID work to increase the volume of your ejaculation. I’ve had so many requests for it, since I discontinued the original a year ago, that I was thinking of enhancing the original to make it even better.

In the coming year, I’m also going to stay focused on shooting, coming out with new series, and trying to provide really solid, exclusive content for my website. I’m starting live shows and chat on in July or August.

I also just released The Best of Maximum Thrust, which was like a spin-off on the movie, “The Fast and the Furious”.  It was a great movie that was my all-time favorite to shoot.  In spirit of the release, I’m going to be auctioning off one of my high performance cars on eBay.  I’ll post some info up on my facebook fan page ( when I list it around June 15th.
As for appearances, I am scheduled to appear on Sirius’ Playboy Radio Show, “In Bed with Jessica Drake”, next month, and am going to be on Love Line with Dr. Drew, also in June.

What is your best memory so far, of working in the adult industry?

Working with all the hot girls in the business…enough said.

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