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Phoenix Marie- “I swallow no problem.” Exclusive interview- pt 1

Meet the beautiful Phoenix Marie. She tells me about how relationships work in the porn business, tells me how much she loves to have sex and how happy her job makes her. I’ve been wanting to do this story on her for awhile, but had to find the right kind of pictures. Hustler was nice enough to let me use some they had from two of her movies, Bossy MILFS 4 and The A-List 3.  I always thought Phoenix was drop dead gorgeous. Don’t you agree?

Interview by Cindi Loftus
 Photos courtesy of Hustler Xcitement Magazine ©2010

Phoenix Marie

Xcitement: How is everything going? I know you are working a lot.

Phoenix: I’m having fun, and every chance I get to have fun I am going to do it!

X: You are such a nice sweet person. I know the type of guy you like, tall and muscular and bald. (Phoenix dated ChristianXXX for quite a while)  I was just talking to someone on twitter who fits that description, Jordan Lane, but I think he‘s married.

P: He’s a nice guy. She’s in the business too.

X: He’s a hottie. He was talking to Lizz Tayler about going dirt bike riding. So I guess that is just a friend thing, or maybe the wife is going too.

P: What’s interesting in the porn business is that everybody makes rules. (for their relationships) And the rules can be different for each couple, but just as long as you follow your rules, it’s cool. I like a guy who when I come home from work doesn’t want to fuck anyone but me.

X: You are a romantic!

P: Oh, whatever. But I’m in porn so I don’t think it’s allowed right?

X: They don’t seem to go together. You don’t expect it. Sometimes you have scenes with people who are married.

P: I know. Me and Mark Wood have done over twenty-five scenes together. And I love Francesca (Le’, Mark’s wife), she is amazing. I’ve worked with her six times. And with them it’s complete comfort. They know I am happy with who I am and I’m not trying to mush in.

X: The perfect guy for YOU is out there somewhere.

P: Yeah, I think I need to stop looking in the porn pool. I don’t want to affect anyone’s work or anything else. Finding a civilian guy who can keep up with me is the question. Then how come all the guys I meet, outside of the business are like afraid of me? And maybe some of them in the business obviously, let’s be honest.

X: I don’t think you come off as intimidating. You are so much fun and funny.

P: I try to be. You are only here for so long, you only get one life. Might as well make it count. Sorry about my voice going up and down. It’s from being in  Vegas. It’s so hot there.

X: You live in California right?

P: Yeah.

X: I don’t know how anyone lives in Vegas because I am there for two days and my lips are cracked and my throat hurts.

P: I lived there for like six months a long time ago, before porn. I was out working for a Harley dealership. I loved the fact that you could always be doing something. But at the same time, it’s kind of hot there at 126 degrees and there is thunder and lightening and monsoons. So it can be really fun times, but can get old.

X: California is so beautiful with the mountains and everything, but I know you have to deal with the earthquakes.

P: You’re from Miami right?

X: Yep.

P: That’s what I remembered. We don’t have humidity, how about that.

X: Yeah, you probably don’t have a million mosquitoes that are the size of roaches that are the size of matchbox cars either.

P: No, not so much. I like Miami. I have been to Miami and Tampa. When I went to Miami and I stepped off the plane I was like, it was wet and hot. I was like what is going on? And the tropical storms and I said I think I’ll be back in Cali and feel the earth move.

X: You get used to whatever you have I guess. So we have hurricanes and the power goes out for two weeks and you have to have a generator, a food supply and you can’t leave your house for two weeks, so big deal, it’s not an earthquake! (Laughs)

P: That’s good information. I was thinking Miami might be a good destination, not any more! (Laughs)

X: Well having hurricanes is like camping in the Everglades.

P: And you have crocodiles and alligators and all that fun stuff too.

X: I don’t have crocodiles around, but I do have an occasional alligator in my backyard, and big lizards, possums and raccoons.

P: I don’t mind them. But no snakes, spiders and sharks and alligators. Anything that tries to eat me I’m really not a fan of.

X: Unless it’s a guy.

P: There you go.

X: So they can eat you as long as they don’t chew and swallow.

P: I can go both ways on that statement, right? They don’t swallow.

X: But you swallow.

P: I swallow no problem. I just don’t want my guys swallowing.

X: (Laughs) How did you pick your name?

P: I’m a big giant comic book dork. I’ve been collecting Marvel comics, Marvel Masterpieces from ’93, ’94 & ’95. And I just said I’m not a red-head, but I’ll go with Phoenix. And I stole the very overused “Marie” last name, but that is my real middle name. So that is not original.

X: Phoenix is original though. I’ve never heard of anyone else in porn named Phoenix.

P: Sadly, I didn’t watch porn before getting into the business, but there is a Phoenix Black, a Phoenix Ray, a girl that is just Phoenix and someone told me there is a Lauren Phoenix and there is another Phoenix who got into the business after me, and she’s awesome too.

X: I never heard of them, so they don’t count.

P: Oh they count, come on.

Visit Phoenix Marie’s site here

Part 2 to come. You can read the whole interview and see the naked pics here

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