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Pink Cross Says They Were Hacked

NL- Pink Cross is asking for donations. They say they were hacked and can barely afford to send out their porn star gift boxes. What do I think about the whole thing? Personally, when it was Shelley trying to help porn stars who wanted to leave porn get out and get jobs I was okay with it. Then the Pink Cross got more militant ( because of their backing by AHF?), and we began hearing from Shelley that all porn people were abuse victims and drug addicts and mentally ill. Pink Cross went from acting as friends to the porn community who wanted to help them to an org said that adult movies should be outlawed. When this began I changed my slight support of Pink Cross to putting them in the same bag as other anti-porn zealots that do no good for anyone.

From Shelley Lubben-Greetings!
The Pink Cross web site has been hacked into by those who hate what we stand for. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently rebuilding Pink Cross while ALSO trying to help women recover from porn at the hardest time of the year:
the holidays!

We just finished packing over 100 Christmas boxes with Pink Bibles, CDs, Beauty Supplies, goodies and more that we need to send out to over 100 women. We we barely have enough money to ship the boxes. We definitely don’t have enough money to rebuild Pink Cross. We are in URGENT need right now!

PLEASE will you be the most generous you can be and help us get through this difficult time? Never have we needed your help more than we do right now. It’s very hard for us to even ask for donations. We would rather be utilizing our time doing outreach and helping people!

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