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Pink Visual Vows Counterclaim After Hit With Suit

Pink Visual Vows Counterclaim After Hit With Suit


by Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — Pink Visual says it plans on filing a counterclaim against Inter-Avid Productions after being hit with an $8.1 million copyright infringement suit.

Inter-Avid, reportedly controlled by Andrew Stoddard, says that Pink Visual is selling at least 233 copyrighted videos the company owns on and, as well as its link.
Pink Visual execs said they haven’t yet been served with the suit. But the company’s corporate counsel, Jessica Pena, told XBIZ that they are aware of Inter-Avid’s claims.

“Despite the fact that we have not yet been served with this meritless lawsuit, we have every intention to aggressively defend it,” Pena said. “Additionally, we intend to file counter claims that will confirm [Pink Visual] owns full rights in and to the content in dispute and we will be seeking attorneys fees.”

Stoddard is a former contracted worker of PinkVisual’s parent company who once created content for one of its divisions, TopBucks.

After nearly three years at TopBucks, Stoddard branched out in 2005 and launched HoDough, a program he later rechristened HushMoney. One of his first and most lucrative sites has been
Inter-Avid’s attorney, Lawrence Ecoff, and company officials did not immediately respond to XBIZ for comment by post time.

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