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Piracy Thwarted, one link at a time!

Operation: Takedown Piracy

from Nate at

Are you tired of seeing your stuff all over the internet for free?  Don’t have the time to try and hunt down your content on every tube site, torrent site and forum out there?  That’s where we come in.  Join us in Operation : Takedown Piracy.  We do all the work.  We find your content.  We send the takedown notices.  You reap the benefits.

Right now the laws have enough loopholes that going after pirates from a legal standpoint is a risky proposition.  Most are based overseas and know how to exploit loopholes in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  Instead of a risky court battle, we provide a realistic approach to curbing piracy.

We protect your content from it’s street date and on.  Protecting it at the beginning is vital to ensuring that it doesn’t get widely spread everywhere online.  Our takedowns keep your content elusive and exclusive.

Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of how online piracy works.  We understand how the pirates operate and we use that information to interfere with their operation.  We frustrate uploaders and influence them to move on to someone else’s content.

We started this program on April 5th of 2009.  To date, we have removed over 56,000 links for our partners.
Tube sites?  Check.
Torrent sites?  Check.
Porn sharing forums? Check.
But hey, don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what the pirates themselves have had to say about our program:
“I pulled the links off somewhere but I dont want to post them because that hushhush fag will get it removed.”

Here’s another:
I post at several sites,
recently I posted at a site that’s ‘monitored’ by Nate from H*sh. (I will no longer spell the companies name fully, in a effort to ‘foil’ search engines)

He had the files that I posted deleted from Rapid.

I’ve very grateful that I didn’t post the ‘links’ to the entire collection on that site (They’re on the bottom of each of my posts here)

H*sh is ‘enforcing’ removal of ‘posted’ material of theirs on sites like this. If ‘Nate’ finds it, he’ll have it all deleted from Rapid.

(he hasn’t been here, as of yet,. . . . believe me, we would know)

Is that not what all content owners would love to see pirates saying?
When you’re ready to have us protect your content, email us at [email protected]
Join our current partners in Operation: Takedown Piracy

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