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“Pirate Site” Taken Down/ Paypal Proof/Manwin Fights Piracy

According to the Adult Content Industry United Foundation, they have closed down another pirating site-

from Last week, pirate site was closed by Godaddy on pressures that we made. The site contained stolen materials from our clients and there was no way in getting in touch with the administrator of the website.

This site also makes some bold claims about Paypal-

PayPal is one of the favorite payment processor for File Locker Sites. There are lots of file locker that reward uploaders with considerable incentive for copyrighted material, pirate software and illegal pornography. Though PayPal’s internal policy states that processing for pornographic websites is forbidden, there is proof that they close their eyes and act like nothing illegal is going on.

But probably one of the most interesting things of recent news is that this site is happy to announce that MANWIN is a big supporter of their work-

The Adult Content Industry United Foundation (ACIUF) is happy to announce Manwin’s support in the ACIUF fight against piracy, and illegal filehosting. With no other expectation than achieving the objectives, Manwin has made a standing donation that will help cover the operational cost.

 Siep Kuppens, President of the ACIUF, stated: “In the open and constructive negotiations, Manwin did not call for immunity, and was even reluctant to receive publicity about this. Concerning this last issue, we decided to give Manwin the credits it deserves. We are very grateful to the companies that already support us, and are happy to move forward with this new backing.”

 Though recognizing that some consider this unification controversial, the organization believes that those who understand the importance of this fight, will agree with the motives behind the move.

 The main goal of the ACIUF is to kill piracy in all its forms of existence. In addition, the organization works to create awareness, while also targeting hosting companies, and billing processors that are part of the system that support piracy.

Kuppens adds: “With this new added support, the ACIUF is definitely on the map, and we expect more companies to join now that we have shown we have the power to move. This fight can be won (ask oron), but we need to join forces.”

Glad to see that Manwin is here to help us win the fight against porn piracy, aren’t you?  ?

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