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Pirates 2- I was disappointed

I’m going to be watching and re-watching a lot of movies in order to make my votes for the AVN & other awards. I’ll give you a quick run down on what I think of each movie.

Pirates 2 Stagnetti’s Revenge-

Yes I did see the first one and I thought it was really uneven. There was some good acting and some terrible acting, some great sex scenes and some boring sex scenes. The little bit of ghost CGI effects were cool, but not enough of it to make a huge fuss over. But the first Pirates was definitely better then part 2.

In Part 2-
It says there were 600 special effects. 550 of them had to be shooting every object  in all the sex scenes  with a gold lens on the camera. It was MORE then annoying.

Evan Stone reprises his role of ego maniac and corny comedic Captain Edward Reynolds. And tells us some of the story through voice over. Good casting as it seems he plays himself often in most roles and does a good job of it. He’s kind of like the William Shatner of porn.

Shay Jordan plays a chubby Asian Buddist Cum bucket, with a bad fake accent.

Olivia- Belladonna is so hot.

Jules Steele-Jesse Jane good sex scenes, yes. Good acting, no.

Oxford- non-sex role- Frank Bukkwydd excellent job

Ben English- excellent as the overbearing English-accented Governor

Belladonna/Jessie scene- best in the movie. Bella almost fisting jesse’s ass.  They struggle for control back and forth by chocking, tackling and rolling around. Hot stuff. Definitely in the top of the noms for hottest girl/girl award

Let’s throw in the same  wide shot of the boat every once in a while.  and then repeat our shot of the sky with a full moon 4 or 5 times.

Katsumi accent- 90% of the time she is speaking in this movie, i have no idea what she is saying.
Stephen St Crois cries again.

I was bored after about 15 minutes of Pirates 2. The Bella/Jesse scene brought my interest back, but after that I was bored again.

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