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Planet Pron Review (2020)

Planet Pron

Planet Pron is your platform to watch hot adult steamy videos without caring about those annoying ads and redirects.

This site is exclusively made for the people who want to enhance their sexual experience wherever they go and this is the reason why

developers are keen to ensure that the site runs perfectly on all devices. 

Besides this, Planet Pron is safe to use and offers tons of features with the best customer assistance services. To find out whether the site has everything to fulfill your preferences, you’ll have to read this review.

If you are a user of pocket-sized pleasure on the go, you must be familiar with the hassle that comes along with the usage-deleting history, frustrating loading screen, to name a few.

To increase viewer pleasure and decrease troubles, Plant Pron is bringing top-notch porn, fetishes and fantasies to your pockets. Planet Pron is a platform that specializes in providing the best quality streaming and downloading services related to the Porn industry.

Planet Pron tops the list of porn apps available on android devices due to its unique features and user credibility. Planet Pron provides an excellent porn viewing services one can expect from an android app.

Other low-ended apps offer the same services but are often accompanied by issues such as viruses, poor quality videos and pricey membership deals. In comparison, Planet Pron provides a wide range of streaming services which are virus-free with guaranteed new videos every day.

 If you are a fan of using mobile apps and have an app fetish, you should give Planet Pron a try!

What makes Planet Pron different from other android apps?

The majority of android apps that offer the same services as Planet Pron are filled with viruses. It is safe to say that even if you are accessing such content through your browser, chances are you might get viruses through the browser. 

One of the main advantages of using Planet Pron is that it is safe from virus threats as this seems to be an issue among regular porn viewers. The overall design of the app is to extend ease of usage to the user.

The app is very smooth in terms of navigation and usage. Variable content is also available over a range of categories.

Although, in comparison to porn giants such as Pornhub, the variety provided by Planet Pron is smaller. The content you want to view is highly customizable which is an added feature. Users can browse through a variety of categories and watch the content they want to view.

Based on the user’s preference, new videos are added daily. Unique categories offered by the app include hairy to gangbang, lesbian to straight, and many more depending upon your choice and your choice only.

The easy-to-sort feature also increases the usability of the app making it an obvious choice if you want the hassle-free porn viewing experience on your android phone.


Website address:

Estimated downloads a past month – 2k-5k

The significant attraction towards the usage of this app is the ever-alluring range of videos available and the diverse library of categories.

At any given time, more than 200,000 videos are available for streaming and downloading with an added feature where users can upload videos of their own too. 

The immense catalogue of videos are easily customizable. 

The user is offered daily picks and tailored playlists of videos which makes the app more tempting than others. Another essential feature is the save and view later tool that lets users save and view videos.

The signature of a good porn streaming service is high-quality video content and variety it provides. Planet Porn delivers just that and more. A wide range of streaming categories, including a distinct porn stars list makes the app easy to navigate and use.

An added feature is that users can follow and chat with some of the porn stars which is an attractive factor and this feature makes the app more unique and appealing to users.

Users can browse various categories based on a unique system of sorting of categories based on popularity or based on latest to oldest. The categories are also user-editable meaning users can customize and edit the list they want to view.

This ensures that personalized videos are sorted and provided according to the user’s needs and desires. However, users cannot add a new category to the list.

The reason why Planet Pron is so user-friendly is due to the ease of navigation. Users can tap a picture or video and slide it to the right. By doing this, viewers can sort the required media according to rating, popularity, and latest updated videos.

Users can also favourite videos or categories and these favourited videos are automatically accessible once you open the app. Planet Pron places customer satisfaction (in every way) as a top priority, making it the most enticing and preferred porn android app to use.

The quality of the videos offered is 4K, with additional video quality promised upon membership. Even if you do not choose to own membership, the video quality is not compromised. Premium membership allows a wider range of categories and better video qualities.

Another inviting highlight is the privacy tools offered by Planet Pron. Most android apps require a ton of permissions before you can use them. Planet Pron does not require many permissions for its usage.

Password protection for the content of the app makes it an all-rounder when it comes to customer satisfaction. This feature offers fantastic protection when you do not want anyone snooping around your porn collection.

Another element is the stealth version which displays a distinct icon which makes it look like a normal app and not an app related to porn.

There is also a feature to mute the video playing on the app which works independently allowing other applications and settings on the phone to run normally without muting them.

With such exotic features, it is no surprise that Planet Pron is an absolute fan-favourite and also the most downloaded and streamed android porn app lately.

Pricing & Membership Fee

As far as applications for porn viewing goes, with Planet Pron, the “porn revolution” has indeed begun. With several distinct features, this app guarantees an experience which is a dream to ‘cum’ to.

The app offers users a three-day trial period, after which a 5$/month membership is required if you want to access additional features. The app also offers a premium membership which unlocks features such as HD video streaming, live chat with porn stars of your choice etc.

The app is partnered with porn industry giants such as Brazzers, Pornhub, naughty America, etc., thus offering a wide inventory of videos to choose from. Another advantage of paying the 5$ price tag is the removal of unnecessary pop-up ads.

There is no risk of malware and viruses while using this app, premium user or not, Planet Pron is a safe retreat against unwanted viruses.

For more details on the levels of membership deals and payment modes available, users can check the settings on the app.

App Performance Score: (out of 10)





Content updates/variety


Image/video quality




Content amount












Value for money


Overall Score


App statistics

  • Most popular categories: Lesbian, Newly added gay, gang bang, Hairy

  • Most popular niche sites: Brazzers, Naughty America, Porn hub

  • Total number of videos:200,000+ Videos

  • Average length of videos: 20 minutes

  • Maximum resolution of videos: 4K

  • Download limit: Unlimited Daily

  • Photo slideshow: Yes

  • Picture sets: 100+

  • Format: mp4, 15000k+

  • Zip sets: No

  • High resolution: Yes

  • Pictures per set of videos: 3

Competitors of Planet Pron

Planet Pron is one of the most downloaded and loved the android app on the market right now. Even though it is a popular choice, there is some serious competition in the same category. One of the major competitors is the app WANKZ.

WANKZ is a top-notch app and is considered the premium app for porn viewing of all time. The app has a unique VR feature, aiding to its popularity. The app also provides highly stimulating visuals in HD, which is a premium feature in Planet Pron.

Live chat with many girls around the globe is also an added element making WANKZ the biggest competitor to Planet Pron.

Other high-end competitors include miKandi, Porn Hub and Cumdroid premium. Some of the low-end competitors include Video devil, Xhubs and XNXX. Although the same standards of services are provided, the cost for membership and attractive deals is what sets them apart.

Also, the video quality and streaming content is a major factor in determining the level of popularity of these apps. Another ingredient to success among the user population is added features such as live chat, additional VR features, video streaming quality and variety of content.

Planet Pron is constantly levelling up to the market by introducing new features with every new update.


  • A huge assortment of videos to choose from at any point in time

  • Largest free catalogue of videos available in the app

  • Latest videos updates daily

  • Newest gay category introduced

  • Ease of navigation makes browsing through the app very smooth

  • Tailored Playlist created every day according to the user’s choice

  • Sorting system allows users to sort videos and models according to rating and popularity with ease

  • Adult games provided to stimulate viewers sexual senses

  • The simple design of the app makes navigation very user-friendly

  • Premium HD streaming videos come with High Definition

  • Privacy features such as password lock and fingerprint lock make the app very attractive to users

  • The stealth version of the app has an icon to match the other apps on the phone, not giving away that it is a porn app

  • The mute feature mutes the video in the app alone, keeping the other settings on the phone intact

  • The additional chat features allow users to chat with various models available

  • The app also allows live sex chat and sex stream

  • Users can also chat on dating sites using this app

  • With membership, users gain ad-free access to the app

  • Multiple HD unlimited video streaming is also a premium feature

  • The easy-to sort feature allows users to choose categories they prefer to watch and  and lets you create a customized list of videos according to the user’s desire

  • Multiple categories to choose and stream from

  • Guaranteed malware and virus free porn viewing experience

  • No history is recorded making porn viewing hassle-free

  • Users can chat and interact with amateur models

  • Videos can be favorited, saved and watched later

  • Content can be rated, reviewed and sorted based upon the user’s needs

  • The app allows content to be uploaded as well

  • Very smooth video HD quality mobile video streaming is guaranteed through this app

  • Assistance and support of any kind provided by the Planet Pron team

  • FAQ’s and support can be accessed on the Planet Pron website with ease


  • The major disadvantage of the app is associated with the streaming quality. Only Premium membership users have access to high-quality 4K videos

  • The video-downloading speed is slow at times

  • No in-app option available to change the video quality

  • Some technical issues such as analytics disabled over app usage

  • App design can be improved

  • The visual appeal of the app is lacking, hence the design template of the app can be changed

  • Comparatively lesser categories of porn stars compared to other porn android apps

  • Offline download option not available yet


The Planet Pron team provides solution to all of your queries. Users can find support for common issues on the Planet Pron website/support. Support is provided round the clock and emails are replied in a matter of hours.

Users seeking support are usually required to fill a query form with their email and the response team quickly responds to the message. Any issues are resolved at the earliest by the team. Very user-friendly support can be expected from Planet Pron team.

Planet pron is also active on social media. Users can follow the following handles and approach the Planet Pron team for any support:

You can find them on Instagram here:

You can find them on twitter here:

You can find them on Facebook here:

The unavailability of a direct contact number is a small issue. However, the Planet Pron team provides the best support they can via email and social media.

For more information regarding support, you can check out this page:

YouTube Videos on Planet Pron:

You can further check some of the videos related to Planet Pron here:

Final Verdict

Planet Pron is undoubtedly the best free android porn viewing app available in the current market. The ease of navigation and smooth sorting system is a dream to “cum to”.

Moreover, the additional set of features such as the privacy tools like password protection and stealth mode makes the app more alluring, more than the HD videos themselves. The mute feature also makes the app even more user-friendly as far as mobile apps for porn viewing go.

The personalized video playlist is a feature similar to Spotify, it takes the usability of the app a level up. The specialized sorting system helps in smooth navigation of the app.

Another noteworthy element is the live chat and interaction with amateur models, not to mention an extensive catalogue of models and their videos to choose from. The high interactive Adult games provided by the app takes the user experience literally to the next level.

The HD streaming of videos is also an important feature which similar apps in the market lack greatly. The overall app credibility and usability is very smooth. For a free app to provide so many features is a miracle in the market today.

Users can browse a wide range of videos without spending a single penny. This is the major reason for its favourability among android porn app users.

Another unique feature is the malware and virus free porn viewing experience. Usually, porn viewing is largely accompanied by a host of viruses, harming your system. With Planet Pron a stress-free porn viewing experience is guaranteed, Afterall it is the “porn revolution”.

Also, the no pop-up ads trait even with a free account is what makes the app hugely popular among mobile porn viewers. Another fact is that the no history feature makes a hassle-free user experience, users do not have to delete viewing history repeatedly.

The password lock also ensures that no one “accidentally” stumbles upon this app and your porn materials.

Leaving all the contradictions aside, Planet Pron is the best ad-free, cost-free, virus-free porn viewing experience one could get on an android phone with all its perks. A dream “pron revolution” experience is a promise.

Parting words

This review has brought forth all the points necessary to analyze whether the app is right for you. We have tried to cover all the aspects of the app, inclusive of user-experience and challenges.

This app has a million users who have rated “satisfied” on the reviews, and it is recommended to give it a shot.

If you liked this review and felt this review was useful, do stay connected for even better reviews of other porn-related information as such. We aim to provide the best and honest reviews we can. We do try our best to give you a genuine review. Judge for yourself if the subscription was worth it!

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