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Play by Play from the Cal Osha Meeting…More!

NL- Here are some tweets of what is happening at the Cal Osha meeting. One of the big issues that is not captured below is the work status of a porn performer. If they are an employee, that makes them under the govern of Cal-Osha. If porn performers are independent contractors that might make this whole thing a moot point. Depends on who gets to decide this definition. I will continue to add tweets to the bottom when I find interesting ones. Please add your comments if you are at the meeting…

Ela Darling-Think the condoms/porn debate doesn’t effect you? A girl-girl sex scene will require dental dams & gloves & there is no testing requirement.

Ela Darling-The room is packed. Seats are full, standing in the back. Going over definitions now. #CalOSHA

FSCArmy  FreeSpeechCoalition-CalOSHA mtg update – there are about 60 – 70 industry peeps here, asking questions. Don’t think they expected such a turnout

MOXXX-BTW Derrick Burts who is here claimed he got HIV on a condom-only set just FYI

ChristianXXX-paul cambria is not only here, but in the 2nd row and speaking up vociferously in our defense. Glad he is here #calosha

Ela Darling-Discussing the def of “adult entertainment” so far Danny W. Cyd B & @Scififetish noted: the definition applies to Hollywood film and sports.

 FSCArmy -Looks like CalOSHA is learning a lot about the realities of a porn set. Now will they listen 2 the people they r trying 2 regulate?

Ela Darling-Paul Cambria pointed out that adult performers are tested every thirty days, far more often than the general population.

Ela Darling-Performers are very stuck on comparing porn to ultimate fighting as far as expectation of transfer of blood or OPIM.

Missy Martinez: “if performers can’t make allusions to UFC then the board shouldn’t be able to keep making references to nurses & painters.”

Ela Darling-Alia Jamine pointed out that the concept of being exposed is the job that we do and there are hazard that we accept as adults.

Lily Cade-Being here today i don’t think we can do much to prevent regulation. We must make sure we as performers are indeed independent contractors.

Christianxxx1  AHF wants to broaden the scope of producers to include anyone who hires independent contractors as liable for following the rules And that got derek hay, mark spiegler, shy love, and the rest of the industry speaking up against it.

Lunch break….

All this wonderful coverage below is from Pornlaw (Michael Fattorosi)

CalOSHA might be okay with oral without a condom if both performers have been vaccinated for Hep B & have a clean STD test with 2 weeks…

AHF agree that BJs without condoms are okay… Shelley Lubben & Pink Cross are against it.

According to CalOSHA the studios should work to provide free testing to talent by co-oping their buying power with labs & doctors.
Testing costs should be the responsibility of the Employer NOT the talent… But who should pay when talent works for several studios ?
 CalOSHA has based its decision to increase testing based on the medical sub committee findings. Several doctors said more testing is a +…

Testing frequency should now be cut in half. Every 14 days instead of 30 days for condomless BJs…

Test results will only state whether a performer is cleared or not cleared to do oral without a condom. No more exact results.

Paul Cambria is making an argument against the record keeping provision of the new regs under a First Amendment challenge. These regs require record keeping much like 2257 also requires record keeping by the producers

The Moneyshot !!! Where to put the cum is up next ??
CalOSHA might be okay with ejaculate on intact skin. But no bodily fluids near orifices and non intact skin.


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