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Playboy, that anti-Israel rag

Brad A. Greenberg writes:

“Over the years the interviews really broke ground … remember Jimmy Carter’s Lust in His Heart Interview for example? Folks I have bad news. As Hef continues to be overtaken by feebleness (or exhaustion from having 3 live-in girlfriends) and the rest of us pass middle age the quality of the non picture part of Playboy has suffered. We can no longer claim to look at Playboy just for the articles. In the latest Issue, for example they published an article that would have never gotten past Hef when he had all of his marbles.”

That’s Yid With Lid‘s riff on a report from that says Playboy has taken up the anti-Israel cause with an article in its October issue that states, “Jimmy Carter is correct in his book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid when he describes the control over Palestinians’ movements as similar to South Africa’s apartheid system.”

This is one of the more unusual pairings of story themes I’ve seen in a while.

Pro-Palestinian porn star Ashley Steele must be smiling.

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