Playboy TV Review (2020)

Playboy TV

Playboy is a brand that was established by Hugh Hefner in 1953 through magazines which mainly focussed on men’s lifestyle with centrefolds containing nudes and semi-nudes.

Due to its overwhelming popularity, a TV channel was launched in 1982 under Michael Trikillis.

This channel was relaunched on the internet as Playboy TV.

It remains as one of the most seductive websites online, and it features some stunning erotic sex scenes.


  • Playboy TV provides some high quality sex scenes and audios featuring mesmerising models and stunning locales, enough to keep both the male and female audiences happy.

  • The library is huge and the content that Playboy TV provides goes beyond the brief of being just a mere porn website.


  • No photo sets are available on this website.

  • Some video content might turn out to be utterly disappointing.

Playboy TV is a fantastic porn website which still remains popular among its user base.

It promises engrossing content and it manages to deliver on its promise pretty well.

The content is updated regularly as well, and you won’t be disappointed with your membership with this website when it comes to keeping yourself entertained.

Hugh Hefner in 1953, published ‘Playboy’, a magazine that was  focussed mainly on men’s lifestyle and was an entertainment magazine for all women and men. With its notable centrefolds appearing nude and semi nude, it remains one of the most famous brands.

As a result of its rising popularity, a channel was developed with producer Michael Trikilis in 1982. The channel relaunched as Playboy TV. Playboy TV is a website where anyone can go to see the hottest models and playmates in action all in one place.

Playboy is one of the standards in the adult entertainment industry, and this site is proof of that. The most exciting top porn talent come here, and they show why they are the best porn stars for erotic sex scenes. The site promises a lot for you to watch and do, and on that front, they deliver.

Why is Playboy TV so popular?

Since the launch of Playboy TV, its popularity is growing rapidly. At the beginning of the show, it contained really sexy stuff. After a few years,  more explicit programmes were added to the mix as the network became pay-per-view, offering more content for customers.  

The programming it broadcasts is quite unique. . Playboy TV has carved out its own niche with high quality programmes you won’t find anywhere else.

Moreover, this site offers articles, shows, movies, and much more along with a model index and live chats to keep the customers satisfied. Playboy TV also gives its members tremendous discounts to keep them happy. It’s what makes the Playboy TV so different and attractive to viewers and thus accessible.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Playboy TV is a fabulous site offering around 2,500 porn movies and shows for the viewers to enjoy. Watching super hot Playmates  is no longer a privilege only a few can have. . One can easily find content in high quality with a membership. Signing up to Playboy TV is relatively cheap.

It even provides its users with a free trial. The free trial costs only $1.00 but with limited access to the content. If members wish to avail a monthly plan, they have to pay $29.99. There are options for a three-month plan and one year plan.

The three month plan costs $59.95, and the one year plan costs $99.95. The payment can be made as per the convenience of the user. There are several ways to make the payments. The users can use Diner, Discover, JCB, Master Card, Online Check, or Visa.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Quality of Videos

9 / 10


9.5 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Value Of Price

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

10 / 10

User Interference & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

9 / 10

Site statistics

  • Most popular shows: Sam’s Game, and Jenna’s American Sex Star

  • HD videos: Yes

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080

  • Model Appearance: Mostly white models. (Amateurs as well as pros)

  • File Sizes (HQ): MP4 = ~1GB

  • Download Speed (Browser): 2-5MB/sec.

  • About the Content: Downloadable, exclusive videos of gorgeous Playboy models on Playboy TV.

  • Details: 1-2 new episodes a week.

  • Model Info: 241 models in total. The age varies from 18 to 30 and they are mostly U.S. based.

  • Updates in The Last 7 Days: 10 episodes.


Website address:

With almost 9000 quality movies that display over 240 white chicks performing hardcore scenes, Playboy TV can make the jaws  of every person viewing the site drop. 

The most unreal videos are shown with such efficiency that it doesn’t feel like it has been shot with high quality cameras along with huge lights and artificial background.

Almost all the videos displayed are in high definition, but you might find some older videos in lower quality.

The website provides quality content with a paid subscription.

A free trial is also offered,, but unfortunately, the material that can be accessed during the free trial is very limited. 

playboy plus LP 2-min

However, those who have a full subscription get access to all the videos and can enjoy everything. The subscription is pocket-friendly and can be afforded by everyone. Therefore Playboy TV is a site with high-quality videos and is the right choice if one is looking for absolutely excellent sex stuff.

Competitors of Playboy TV

There are many Playboy TV fans. Deep cleavages, big round asses and the extraordinary smiles of the stars make everyone’s jaws drop. The video  content is breathtaking. But there are some hurdles that it faces. Though the popularity of Playboy TV is rising,  the list of its competitors is growing.

The Penthouse Media Group has hired the former president of Playboy TV Mr Jim English. Now, after joining the Penthouse Group, Mr Jim English has started to turn the tables against Playboy TV.

The competition has only increased, with word spreading that Hustler TV is going to feature and telecast the first adult entertainment music video with Misty Beethoven, later this year.

High Society features movies from around the world, with technology that allows cable operators to choose a programme based on their community’s demographics. Though the competitors of Playboy TV form a very long list,  platforms such as  Penthouse, E! Online Inc, FHM and Men’s Health pose the biggest threat.


  • The content is very interesting. Much of it includes nudity or semi-nudity. There is a lot of  relevant content that can make both men and women utterly happy. Many exotic and unique videos can be found on this exclusive Playboy TV website. There are many shows on the site which teach couples and individuals about exciting techniques to perform better in bed.    

  • Playboy TV is a website that provides high definition quality videos and other content. Even the audio articles that are provided on the site can turn anybody on. As a result, a large number of people use the Playboy TV website regularly.  

  • The website contains over 2,496 episodes from as  many as 92 shows. The viewers can enjoy everything. People can watch videos varying from stripteases to hardcore porn along with the interviews arranged with Playboy TV stars. All this content is available among the superb collection the site provides. The site tries to keep its viewers and members engrossed by  frequently updating with more new episodes every week.

  • The appeal of the website comes from the fact  that it displays unique shows that keep viewers entertained. Playboy TV is more than just a site that shows porn. Among the various things on the website are radio shows, interviews of the porn stars, behind the scenes videos, etc.  Excellent articles are displayed and can be found here too. The variety that Playboy TV displays is  astounding.

  • People can download various types of videos, movies, articles, or other content in six different quality settings, and even the download speeds are impressive. There are high-quality downloads that come with the bitrates of 5000k, and the resolution  can be as much as 1920×1080. Moreover, it allows unlimited downloads.  Users can easily download whatever they want and enjoy themselves.

  • The videos have all types of stars, be it amateur or pro.

  • If any one who wants to watch exciting and sexy stuff can surely visit this website. It will never disappoint any of its customers.

  • Regularly updated videos, which are added to the Playboy TV website,  never leave the viewers and its members bored.  


  • The website does not contain any photos.  Aside from videos, there are articles and other things, but the lack of pictures on the Playboy TV website is a massive loss to its members who might want such content.

  • The Playboy TV website could do more to help users browse through it. New users will have a difficult time browsing through content. It doesn’t offer an option to search for specific content . Moreover, the keywords or the scene description that is required for a user to utilize the website to its optimum level are not present anywhere in the website.

  • There are too many advertisements between the videos. Some advertisements even pop up during video playback.

  • The Playboy TV gives users the advantage of a free trial before they purchase a membership subscription. It is helpful for users who are new to the website. . But unfortunately, the trial benefits are minimal. Only a small number of videos can be accessed during the trial period. Such users don’t have full access to all the videos.

  • Many of the old videos are not in high definition quality. This is not fair to the users who spend so much money only to be provided with  poor quality videos.

  • The monthly subscription price for the Playboy TV website is comparatively high with regards to the one year subscription. However, users can easily subscribe to the one year package which gives a relatively large discount. For those who do not want a yearly subscription it is quite unfortunate that they have to shell out so much money.

Customer Support

Playboy TV gives their members the  facility to have their issues resolved quickly and easily. Most websites provide the customers with a support system, which they can contact at any hour of the day to clear any doubts. The customer support of the Playboy TV, in this regard, is excellent.

They are very efficient in their work and try to solve every query that the customers have. It operates 24×7. The customers may reach them through the following numbers:

Final verdict

Playboy TV is a fascinating porn site which is very popular among people who enjoy good quality content. The content which the website provides is very interesting and titillating, which keeps viewers engrossed for hours.. Playboy TV contains a versatile selection of content for you to enjoy.

The website is updated with new content every week for members to enjoy.  

Parting words

So this was all about the Playboy TV website. It is a considerably large platform to watch superlative quality pornographic content on. . It contains all kinds of movies, videos, articles and other  such content that you can enjoy.  

Playboy TV is a fabulous and extraordinary site, and we didn’t find any bad reviews from users and according to the active users the Playboy TV site is overall an experience that anyone interested in porn should have, because the overall experience is enjoyable and content on the website is outstanding.

All the content is of superb quality and very entertaining, although there are some hurdles. They include advertisements popping up during video playback,  as well as the limitations of the free trial. In the trial session, only a small portion of the content is accessible.

These are the things that interrupt the entertainment provided by the Playboy TV website. However, the site is an experience porn lovers must go for . 

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