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Playboy Up in Arms Over Jenna Retirement Speech

Jenna Jameson’s Saturday night retirement speech at the AVN Awards was hardly tactful, and left many porners and fans with a sour taste. I hear that Jenna had a specific clause in her contract with Playboy (the one that governed her sale of Club Jenna to Playboy) that forbids her from making such announcements.

Club Jenna has dozens of Jenna sex scenes in the can, poised to be released gradually over the next few years. Her speech turns them into “old footage,” when otherwise the audience would have been none the wiser.

Playboy has already served Showtime with an injunction preventing them from airing the AVN Awards with Jenna’s speech included. Playboy is in major damage control mode. I hear they are looking at this possibly as their loophole out of the terrible Club Jenna acquisition.

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