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Playmate Pamela Anderson Pays Off Debt With Sexual Favors

Bob writes on TER:

If you don’t mind a little Hepatitis C and you’re pretty good at poker, congratulations my friend, you can have sex with Pamela Anderson.
In a recent interview with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson revealed she had fallen for a poker player who offered to pay off her $250,000 gambling debt for a night of sex. Anderson refused to name names, but candidly told DeGeneres that she eventually succumbed to the rich fan’s offer, explaining, “It worked out, I liked it. … I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors and fell in love. It’s so romantic.”

That was probably really romantic, but you’d have to flip a few hundred pages to find “sex with Pamela Anderson” on my list of things I’d do with $250,000. Maybe it’s me, but that seems pretty expensive for a used car with an expired warranty. Pamela Anderson has been plowed more than a farm.

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