Press Release Releases Initial Data Findings

A new frontier in data and sexual wellness

(West Palm Beach, FL / August 25, 2020) — After a year of members taking their sexual analysis and being placed in their corresponding World for sexual exploration, PleazeMe has emerged with striking data for the marketing and sexual wellness industry.

PleazeMe’s data driven approach has yielded surprising initial findings. Over 52% of people were identified as belonging to neither the vanilla nor the BDSM world categories.

For marketing and sexual wellness providers, this is revolutionary, as current pop-culture labels have been grossly missing the mark! “Kinky” is another word widely used to describe a type of sexual preference, but rarely can people clearly define or agree on what it means to be kinky.

Corey Kubber, CTO for PleazeMe, comments on the data. “One of our primary focuses is to develop the platform in a way that will help us to better understand the nature and complexity of sexual pleasure, while highlighting the emerging science and innovations that are already being applied to solve the physical and emotional barriers to pleasure and intimacy. My background in engineering and my time at MIT have instilled in me a love of data.”

The company has collected the data of members from all over the world, with an estimated 95% being in the USA and Canada. The gender identity breakdown of this data is 65% female, 32% male, 1.2% nonbinary, and 1.8% transgender men & women. PleazeMe’s members range in age from 21 to over 65 years old.

Of that mixed sampling, only 11% were placed into our category for what is most widely accepted as “vanilla” and 18.5% identified as having characteristics of a BDSM lifestyle.

For years, people have been using sexual labels putting people in boxes in order to understand or identify with them. Different fractions of sexuality even have different uses for the same term.

Heather Montgomery, CEO of PleazeMe is excited to share the information to give society a better idea on what is taking place in the world and social media landscapes. “Corey and I spent many years working with healthcare data and have a deep understanding of the value anecdotal data provides to the medical and marketing community. It is one of the most difficult data points to accurately collect especially over larger demographic areas. We are excited to have a tool that we can utilize to help provide better solutions to overcome this information gap especially in an area that has historically been taboo—a hurdle that anonymity helps us traverse. We will be working with researchers, medical professionals, and scholars to best utilize the de-identified data and the multifaceted data sets around relationships, sex and sexual wellness.”

Montgomery feels the term ‘Vanilla’ really needs to be re-evaluated. “People in the BDSM lifestyle often use “vanilla” to describe people who aren’t interested in what they would call “kink.” Similarly, people who aren’t interested in BDSM often call people “kinky” who are in fact interested in BDSM. We have been asking ourselves the question, where is the line between kinky and vanilla drawn? As we have dug deeper into our research, our analysis has brought even more confusion to the mix. Unsurprisingly, it turns out people have different definitions of where the line should be drawn.”

Montgomery continues, “In designing our platform, we threw convention to the wind and instead designed a spectrum of sexual preferences allowing people to identify with what they currently enjoyed, rather than attempting to fit them into these two overly broad conventional categories. Our findings were not shocking to me, as I was one of those people who didn’t identify with either. It was gratifying to see that the hard work we did in crafting the spectrum not only worked, but had a success rate of over 99%, with far fewer than 1% of members stating they feel like they may be in the wrong World.”

In addition, PleazeMe has had less than 5% of members request to delete their profile.

An infographic that gives the breakdown of the membership by world and gender identity has been created. Take the analysis to learn more about the worlds within PleazeMe or visit the blog to read the article, “The Spectrum of Sex.”

“Since we have launched the website and analysis, we have placed thousands of members into their prospective worlds,” says Montgomery. “Meanwhile, we have designed tools to assist members in utilizing this data for identifying potential suitors and understanding a partner’s intimate needs and deepest desires. In the future, we plan on expanding the tools to take new learnings into consideration that will allow members to move into different worlds if their interests change over time.”

PleazeMe’s marketing and R&D tools are designed to help companies, brands and educators utilize this data to craft solutions and campaigns to get them to interested end users.

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