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PleazeMe Paves the Way for Online Sexual Online Content in Wake of FOSTA/SESTA, a brand-new sex-positive social site for adults, is making its online debut at a time where sexual content is disappearing from the Internet at an alarming pace.

Thanks to FOSTA/SESTA, the so-called ‘sex-trafficking’ law passed last year that places the legal responsibility of online user content squarely on the shoulders of website owners, the once-grand World Wide Web is facing its first serious censorship dilemma in 21 years, affecting the very livelihood of content creators, sex workers and educators.

PleazeMe CEO and Founder Heather C. Montgomery has been watching the political drama unfold since the divisive legislation package became law in April 2018, and while efforts are in place to repeal a law that essentially comes down to Congress censoring the Internet, adult sites see an uphill battle ahead.

“Social media channels started suppressing sexual content for adults in the wake of campaigns demanding censorship in order to protect children,” said Montgomery. “With the advent of FOSTA/SESTA, those content boundaries have become significantly more restrictive, and are getting tighter by the day.

“These restrictions affect sexual health information and products, adult entertainment, LGBTQIA interaction and anything else that touches on sex. How can businesses seeking to enhance the sexual health and sex lives of adults get the word out about their product?”

Many websites have changed their community guidelines in order to comply – with an expected loss of customers and revenue – and some have gone out of business altogether. PleazeMe’s guidelines are simple, and similar to those of Twitter and Reddit:

No sexual photo or video taken without the subject’s consent (this includes upskirt shots and revenge porn)
In compliance with FDA regulations, if you are promoting a supplement you may not make structure/function claims.
In compliance with FOSTA/SESTA laws, no promotion of sex in exchange for pay.
No cheater hookup sites.
No sexual or sexually suggestive content involving a minor.
Affiliate links are OK. If you are selling something that we have in the PleazeMe store, we can provide you with an affiliate link to use and provide your post with premium placement in the feed., now in the Beta testing phase ahead of its official summer launch, offers many of the same user functions as traditional social networks, with seven different sexual ‘worlds’ that new members can discover and make personal connections, coordinate events, post on a main user feed, share video links, comment and like with a ‘Heart’ button functionality with complete user privacy.

Montgomery and her Pleaze Me team will continue to follow events pertaining to online sexual content as they happen in the fight against FOSTA/SESTA. To stay up-to-date on current guidelines and rules, become a PleazeMe Channel Member. PleazeMe Channel Members will receive a new copy of this document every time it is updated.

PleazeMe also offers an informative blog ( so new members can learn more about the site. To get started on the erotic journey of a lifetime, visit


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