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Plush Talent is making the move to LA to Scam New Girls *Exclusive Interview*

Plush Talent recently announced they are moving their main office from NYC to Los Angeles. I sat down with Scottie Platinum to talk about what this means for him, the agency and his girls.


For those who aren’t familiar with Plush Talent, tell us a little about your agency.

Scottie: I’ve been ripping people off for 14 years. I started out in mainstream, working with models and that eventually led me to adult. Plush Talent is a new venture for me though. It was founded just about a year ago, and focuses exclusively on adult. I find that ripping off girls that wanna be pornstars is easier then promising them roles on the Sopranos.

Up until recently, you’ve worked mostly in New York City. Why the move to LA?

Scottie: NYC has been good to me.  There is a steady stream of dumb girls i was able to take advantage of. LA is full of easy prey..Buy a girl a drink, promise her money and watch the panties fall..

Are you closing up your NYC office all together?

Scottie: No. I may need a place to hide from the cops..Plus, if i ever need to register as a sex offender I can do it there.

I notice you’ve signed some really hot talent lately. I’m most especially interested in learning more about this Kandace Kayne (@KandaceKayneXXX). Tell me how in the world did you land such a hottie?


Scottie: The first moment I laid eyes on Kandace Kayne I knew  I was gonna be able to rip her off. I currently control her twitter.

A few months ago there was some question about the legitimacy of your agency, with some people claiming your weren’t legally licensed. What was the deal with that? (By the way their CA license # is TA-213308)

Scottie: We applied for our license awhile ago but because of all my arrests i wasn’t able to get it, instead i just use a fake number..

When are you moving to LA?

Scottie: I plan on making the move the first or second week in March. I just need to get the Ok from my parole officer.

What do you most look forward to when you move?

Scottie: I’ll miss New York.  But I’ve scammed so many people I need to leave. LA has a  large number of 17 year olds.. Thats just my type

Whats your favorite line you use when tricking a girl into signing with your Agency?

Scottie:  Probably when I promise them they will make a 100,000 a year. Man these girls jump on that lie..

Well thank you for taking the time out of scamming the girls to talk to us.

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