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plusOne Measures Sleep Success with Sexual Wellness Devices in New Research Trials


(Newton, MA / November 30, 2021) – plusOne®, the leading provider of sexual wellness products, further explores the correlation between good sleep and masturbation with the completion of a specialized four-week study on sleep quality.

The study was performed with 44 female test subjects using one of six plusOne products, including the Vibrating Bullet, Personal Massager, Dual Vibrating Massager, Vibrating Wand, Air Pulsing Arouser, and Mini Massager.

Study subjects were instructed to use the products regularly during the four-week period. They were assessed and supervised by technicians to check for possible adverse reactions, sleep improvement, mood, and quality of life.

Upon conclusion of the study:

  • 62% of women felt more cheerful and energetic throughout the day
  • 62% of women were able to concentrate on their daily tasks better
  • 64% of women felt their mind was less foggy throughout the day
  • 66% of women felt less reliant on caffeine in the morning and throughout the day
  • 71% of women reported a noticeable improvement in their sleep quality

“We based our results on our test subjects’ level of relaxation, falling asleep, staying asleep, physical function, focus, concentration, restlessness, mood, and brain fog. Our tests noted a marked improvement in all levels of sleep quality due to using our products with masturbation and orgasm,” said a representative of Clio®, the parent company behind plusOne.

“This strengthens our stance on the importance of sexual wellness and how it helps maintain our overall health. In this study, how it helps us achieve a good night’s sleep.”

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