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Policy Clarification

Apparently I need to clarify my earlier statements about this site being cleaned up.  Any trash talk, negative comments, insults, etc. will be ignored, deleted, moderated.  I’m sorry if you don’t like this new policy but for now it stands.

There has been enough negativity and hate mongering going on at this site for awhile now.  You guys have had your fun, but really all of that served no purpose.  All it did was hurt the overall value of this site.

As I said before, there are thousands of people each and every day who visit this site and only about 10 of you who are problems.  I’m sorry if you aren’t happy with this new policy but again this isn’t a democracy, it isn’t up for a vote.  If you want to start your own site where trash talk is permitted, feel free to do so.

Your negativity, threats and harassment won’t be tolerated.

That I even have to make this post proves my point about there being a problem.

But again so we are clear on this subject, your negativity, threats and harassment won’t be tolerated.

This is a site dedicated to news and information about the adult industry, not about calling each other names and insulting people.  So that is all I will say on this subject.  You make jack ass comments, I will delete them.

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