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Politics is Slutty in Mexico

Playboy playmate Julia Orayen

Browsing the net I came across a very interesting video, former Playboy playmate Julia Orayen had got herself a gig handing out letters to candidates with questions during Mexico’s Presidential debate… and her outfit of choice was a white skin-tight cleavage-bearing dress. Would this fly in America? I doubt it.

Having Jenna Jameson in a bikini giving Obama questions would absolutely never happen. But, the debate about the debate is whether more people would tune in if there was some gorgeous lady eye-candy.

Apparently this worked for the Mexican debate and was their plan all along. As a porn website we have to agree… it would probably make us tune in as well. But, the controversy in Mexico isn’t whether or not someone who has posed nude should be involved in Political programming but more about her choice of dress. If she had worn something more conservative would her presence have been okay with the public?

Julia responded to media buzz around the event while signing autographs: “I don’t think you can generalize the comments from a country, everybody has their own opinion. There have been sexist comments and also very flattering comments.”

Fun fact: Julia isn’t Mexican, she is from Argentina.

Anyway, here is the photo and video of the debate. What do you think? Was this a good move or totally inappropriate. Post your comments below.

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