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Poor Donny Long…

Donny writes on his website

So I have been offline for some time now and not had much time to deal with things. I was suppose to leave the country for 3 weeks on vacation after me and my girlfriend of over a year broke up 2 weeks ago. I was suppose to fly out and instead i got woken up to waves crashing down my back door of my 50 foot house boat and hitting me in the back while I was sleeping. We had a cold front come through with some big waves and my boat was not ready for it.

The good news is after 5 days of cleaning and rewiring the boat it is in better shape than before it went down. I fixed things that didnt work before and cleaned everything.

My flight is rescheduled for the 2nd of next month and I cant wait. I have never left the USA or had a passport so I am looking forward to traveling. [drink]

I have some big plans for to take over the adult webmaster industry but its just going to have to wait. Just like took over a large portion of bookings in the adult industry and now has 5659 active members and is the biggest real adult industry job site will take the prize as well when I am done. is doing well and is getting some good people promote it through my cash program but I have too much on my plate now that i dont have a girl friend helping me online. I am thinking of selling my 2 boats and 3 jet skis and doing some world wide traveling now that my websites are paying my bills and i cant work on a computer from anywhere in the world. I love the florida keys and the people around me here and this will always be home for me but I think i am getting old and need to travel lol I am 29 years old now.

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