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Popporn’s “Practical Joke” backfires…

Adult comedy site Popporn put out a press release saying they were fighting with Zero Tolerance over a deal they had made to make a movie together. Now that the footage was shot, Popporn wanted more money from ZT. First the problem according to Popporn was that ZT said they didn’t shoot enough footage. After that, the problem was that ZT didn’t want to pay more money for the footage.  Popporn issued a statement asking readers to write to ZT and beg them to put out the movie and to pay Popporn’s expenses.

Great joke, huh? Yep, it was supposed to be a joke. Or at least that is what Popporn is saying now.

Problem was they didn’t bother to tell anyone at Zero Tolerance that they were joking. So when press started questioning ZT, they answered. Zero Tolerance owner Greg Alves spoke to and questioned PopPorn’s claims, but said he is willing to work things out.

I was surprised to see the press release that they [PopPorn] sent out, as I would never air dirty laundry in public,” he told “With that said, they’ve put me in a position where I need to comment – so let me just say this: The footage that they shot is phenomenal, the quality of the footage is not an issue at all; however, their professionalism leaves something to be desired.

Before I learned that this was a “joke” I sent in some questions to Brian Bangs, Head of Popporn to ask him what was going on. His press release asking that he be paid more money then the original contract seemed like a stupid move on his part, but I get incredibly stupid press releases everyday, so this was just another story. Plus I figured my readers would get a kick out of the ego-inflated delusional porn character that Brian appeared to be.

my interview with Popporn’s Brian Bangs is here, clicky.

So today Popporn issues another press release saying “POPPORN.COM DUPES ADULT INDUSTRY Adult Blog Goofs Industry and Studio With Fake Fight.”

Ha Ha, NOT. So this “Practical Joke” that was way more stupid then funny, made ZT look bad, embarrassed the company’s owner Greg Alves by having him issue a statement defending his company for no reason ,and  made Brian Bangs and Popporn look like idiots. Since all the major adult news sites put up the story about this “fight”, I would venture to say that anything else Popporn puts out as a press release, or does for publicity will be ignored by the media, under the “cry wolf” theory.

Advice to Brian- If you try to pull a practical joke, you might want to tell the other party involved first, AND make sure it’s funny; or at least do it on April 1st, so if it is this lame people will give you an eye roll and move on.

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