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Here’s my email interview with Billy:

1- How is your site different from the other review sites? was conceived with the porn user in mind. It seems that nowadays everyone who is involved in the adult industry wants to make an adult review site! Although the concept might sound simple, I can assure you that it is the complete opposite. The secret ingredients are honesty and consistency. Many review sites write their reviews with the mindset of selling a site – not caring if the site is actually good or bad. At, my reviewers are frequent porn surfers and not just good writers; they review an adult site in the most honest way. If a site has bad content or navigation, readers will surely find it in the review. Our mission is not to sell for the heck of selling but to give the users the freedom of choice by reading and judging for themselves if a site fits their own personal needs.

In addition to all this, offers users unique features that no other review site has. The first one is the weekly porn trailer. After choosing a high quality site, our media department gets their trailers and edits them in an appealing way to give the user a global view of what the site has to offer. The second unique feature is our weekly comic strip, designed by a top comic artist. These comic strips represent the porn categories that we use to classify the sites we review and add a sense of humor to Our third unique feature is our Goodies section, which offers, in one simple glance, a list of all the galleries that we use in our reviews, hence giving the user both visual and textual browsing choices. Our fourth unique feature is the way we categorize the sites. Surfers can choose to browse the sites by the standard categories (example: Amateur porn, MILF’s, etc.) or by price (sites for less than $10, between $10-$20, etc.). Most importantly, we always seek to get our visitors special prices, which they can find under the Special Price category.

In summary, is in many ways different from other review sites – mainly in its reviewers’ honesty and experience, its browsing capability, and its unique features, which makes it one of the most renowned and trusted adult site review portal.

2- Why do you do

My simple answer would be: There is no such thing as “Free Porn”. If you’re looking for high quality porn, you will undeniably need to spend a couple of dollars. My more complex answer would be: I have been a porn user ever since I can remember. Before the Internet, I used to buy adult magazines, adult story books, etc. The debut of the Internet was like a dream come true and it wasn’t very hard to find quality porn sites (since there weren’t a lot at the time). As years have passed, the amount of porn on the Internet has been growing exponentially. Believe me, the amount of crappy sites is enormous. From experience, I can assert that at least 95% of the existing porn sites out there are not worth paying for. So it does take someone to sort through this ton of porn and skim for the highest quality ones. Before starting, I had two other adult site directories and my goal was to continue updating them. I searched for new sites on many adult review portals and found that although the reviews were well written, most of them did not draw an honest picture of what a site has to offer. So I finally decided to let go of those two directories and concentrate on

3- What do you love and hate about the work?

I mostly look at like any other job, and like any other job, it has its ups and downs. As far as working in the adult industry, what I love is that I can just be myself and not have to worry that some uptight conservative sheep is going to get upset about it which can be a real problem in the “normal” work world. I love waking up in the morning and going to work knowing that some new sites will be reviewed and that more porn users will be informed and helped in choosing the right site that will satisfy their sexual appetite. Visitors simply love the site. There isn’t much that I hate more than poorly constructed or boring sites and people that try to rip off surfers or other adult industry people.

4- How has your work affected you?

It has made me appreciate time outdoors for sure! I have been involved in the porn industry for the last six years, jumping from one project to the next. Having built from scratch, I am very satisfied with the results. However what affects me the most are the comments I get from’s users and I take those very seriously. Many modifications and enhancements have been made and more are still to come on the site thanks to the feedback I am getting.

5- What do friends and family say to you about your work?

People always ask me if watching so much porn makes me too horny and if it affects my personal sex life at all. It definitely does not. Work is work and I can honestly say my private life hasn’t been affected one bit.

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