Pornhub Premium, is it worth upgrading

Pornhub remains the world’s most domineering porn site ever! For instance, in 2019, according to statistics, it received 42 Billion visits. These ultimately put daily visits to an average of 115 million per day. Can you imagine? This definitely begs the question of why? And it may as well be because it features thousands of videos cutting across all niches and genres. These are uploaded daily, and there is no other porn site in the world that can be able to beat this.

Pornhub Premium vs. Pornhub Free

There is this silly notion about the difference between these two sites being 1080p video quality and the killing of the stubborn Ads. And while I’ll be expounding on what exactly are the privileges of being a premium member. These are the main distinctions between these sites.

Pornhub Premium gives its members unlimited access to exclusive porn from the best-paid networks. These include; Brazzers, Girls do Porn, Kink, Mofos, Digital Playground, and many others. These exclusive HD porn videos are not available in Pornhub Free.

Unlike Pornhub Free, Pornhub Premium uploads up to 2160p VR scenes. These are supported by PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, among other gadgets.

Also, Pornhub Premium members have the privilege to access a variety of DVDs on request. Something Pornhub free members have to contend without.

To top it up, Pornhub Premium has exciting features such as the community where members interact freely, they are able to add friends as well as favorite videos. Well, I can assure you that this might be the most interactive porn gets around this place leave alone other sites.

Pornhub premium cost

A Pornhub Premium subscription costs $9.99 monthly or $7.99 per month when you buy a year upfront for $95.88. There are always up to 30% bonuses; however, from time to time. Most importantly, is that for those willing to give the site a trial, there is a 7days free trial.

Premium benefits

Here are those quite distinguishable aspects of Pornhub Premium that make it rather appealing to its members

Exquisite video collection

For starters, Pornhub premium has partnered with big studios like Brazzers, Vixen, Team Skeet, Teen Fidelity, Fake Taxi,, Reality Kings, Nubile Films, Digital Playground,, among others. This is to ensure that their members get access to full videos irrespective of how long they are.

Due to its exclusive video sources, most of its premium porn videos are of 1080p HD to 4K Ultra HD in terms of quality. Premium users have the liberty to download the content in HD. This is unlike free members who are only allowed to download porn in standard quality formats. However, it is essential to note that individual channels can choose to enable or not allow the download action.

Mind you, Pornhub is basically a mash-up between some cool top production porn content and real amateur action. In any case, anyone keen enough will note that there are verified amateurs uploading their own personal content. And while it’s not the blurry poor quality, you’ll find on other sites. The bottom line is that premium members get an unsavory selection of pure amateur porn to beat the meat to.

Clean user interface

Pornhub premium rescues your ass from ads, and pop-ups condemnation weighed upon the free users. This ensures that users enjoy their porn without any disruptions whatsoever. There is also the safety of malware, among other things brought about by advertising.

Support VR porn & varied devices

VR porn is available for both free and premium members. However, the premium lot gets access to way more content in 4K Ultra HD quality. These porn videos can be viewed using the Oculus, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, VIVE, and Samsung Gear VR systems, among others. In fact, there is a high probability that it supports almost all VR devices. Well, I guess you’ll have to figure out whether yours applies too.

Supports smart remote sex toys

For those suckers with Bluetooth sex toys, Pornhub premium has devised a way to integrate it with the porn you are consuming. This enables the toy to talk to your porn. Unbelievable, right? Well, I bet after hearing that the site currently supports thousands of porn videos supporting teledildonics. This might stop being rather strange to you.

Utmost privacy

Well, the truth is that most people would instead not subscribe to most porn sites for fear of being haunted by their dirty secrets. This mainly occurs when the billing is done directly from the credit card. However, Pornhub Premium has made it that its billings are made via Probille. Also, the content users browse is subject to HTTPS protocol encryption. As if that’s not interesting enough, they are always at your beck and call in case you encounter any issues with the site, although there are barely any.


The Pornhub Premium membership is a free gate pass to RedTube and YouPorn. Therefore, in case one is unable to get porn of their choice here, the scope is even more significant for their own exploration.

Premium Members also get special acknowledgment in the comments section of the site. This is in the form of a premium tag onto their posts as well as profile. Even better, for those who don’t want their profiles to be viewed, there is an option to hide profile.

Pornhub app on Roku

For those who prefer to access porn via the Pornhub app available on Roku. It is important to note that all the excellent content is locked away for premium users. Hence, being a premium member means eternal porn bliss!

Is Pornhub Premium worth it?

Now, to the big question. Judging from everything that sets Pornhub premium apart from Pornhub free as well as other premium porn tubes. It is only fair to say that Pornhub premium sure is a necessary luxury for any ardent porn consumer or enthusiast.

This is mainly because purchasing an individual DVD or VHS is quite expensive. And so is subscribing to all the top porn studios from which Pornhub Garner’s its content from. Not forgetting, the fresh taste of hardcore fresh amateur porn every day from paid individual consumers. These, among other privileges, mainly being hard to come by in most sites. Also, it’s content cuts across all genres as well as orientations including; gay, straight, fetish, interactive sex toys, VR, great sports jokes, among others.


While paying for porn might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m pretty sure avid porn consumers certainly get the fucking drill when it comes to Pornhub Premium.

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