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Pornhub wants to buy Tumblr

Verizon wants to unload Tumblr, and of course, Pornhub wants in


In a statement, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said the following:

“Tumblr was a safe haven for those who wanted to explore and express their sexuality, adult entertainment aficionados included. We’ve long been dismayed that such measures were taken to eradicate erotic communities on the platform, leaving many individuals without an asylum through which they could comfortably peruse adult content. There are obvious synergies between the two brands and value Pornhub could derive from Tumblr. We’re extremely interested in acquiring the platform and are very much looking forward to one day restoring it to its former glory with NSFW content.”

From the same Forbes article:

A March report from SimilarWeb found that Tumblr traffic was down by 30 percent since the porn ban was put in place

Wow, that’s a pretty significant drop.

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