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Porn’s Most Successful Crossover Star – Mercy 44FF

Mercy44FF is 52. I interviewed her April 19 at Star World Modeling. Here’s the video.

“I used to be an archaeologist. I have an amazingly diverse background.”

“The first month my website was up [in 2000], Juggs magazine contacted me, wanting to do a layout on me.”

“I’ve been seriously pursuing my mainstream acting career the past three years. I’ve gotten a few supporting parts. I was in a movie, Living the Dream, with Sean Young. It came out in November.”

Mercy says she has the lead role in a $2 million independent film to be shot in a few months.

According to Mercy’s autobiography:

Mercy was born in Queens, New York to a jazz musician father and her mother was a sculptor. They came out to Los Angeles when she was quite young so she has always felt more like a native Californian.

She started her young life as a ballerina and modern dancer studying with Juliet Prowse and Jon Zerby, father of Kim Darby. She then decided that music as a career was much more interesting and she became a classical percussionist playing in school and community orchestras and then became a drummer and vocalist in rock bands. She grew up with Randy Rhoads, Ozzy Osbourne‘s late guitarist, and took drum lessons at his Mom’s music school in North Hollywood. At Grant High School in Van Nuys she was in marching band with Jeff Porcaro, the late drummer for Toto who became her boyfriend briefly in school.

She toured all over the country in bands and even played behind some name acts. She wrote lyrics for Sergio Mendes, and did quite a bit of studio work.

She earned a degree in anthropology from California State University Northridge and worked as a professional archaeologist for many years in Southern California.

She seemed to reinvent herself again and became a popular plus size model doing work all over the world in the mid-90s. This led her back to acting which she had done briefly as a student at Madison Jr. High in North Hollywood and in high school, winning Shakespeare Festival awards and landing roles in school plays. She has recently been performing in local Hollywood theater productions.

Her first audition led to a supporting role in the feature film, Living the Dream (2006) with Sean Young and Danny Trejo. From there she has booked roles in several other feature films and even portrayed a witness in the reenactment of “_Michael Jackson Trial, The_ (2005)” on E! Channel. She is now working on her biggest role yet in the indie feature, “Peidmont Financial” 2006.

Mercy: “The producer and I think it is the first time a mature, full-figured woman has had the lead role in Hollywood.”

“I got the job through my adult career. He went to and emailed the owner who sent out a mass email. This producer just fell in love with me over emails and pictures. They changed the main character to a mature woman. I’m a prostitute who turns into a preacher.”

“I have a son in his late twenties, a firefighter, who thinks what I do is awesome.”

“I’ve been single for 13 years.”

“I’m not the most monogamous person… I date men half my age.”

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