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Porn’s Usual Summer Lull

Well it’s the end of August, time when everyone in porn valley is relaxing. Here in Florida, the hurricane is passing by with no landfall, meaning we have wind and rain, which is not different then any other summer day. There isn’t a whole lotta news going on. Of course as always there are tons of press releases going out, but not really much exciting happening. Seems every August things slow to a crawl…

The other time of year when news slows down is from thanksgiving until the AVN convention. Everyone cuts back and take the holidays easy. Stuff going on tends to be parties and preparing for the awards.

So we need to think of something sexually related to talk about in August and December to keep the dialog flowing, any ideas?

I’m not complaining by the way, as they say, no news is good news. That means we also have no hell-acious stuff like PWL or deaths, or companies going out of business, or a scumbag robbing people.

There are some twitter wars going on, but I’m waiting to get some more inside information before I start up on THAT topic.

I have a few writers working on stories ( you guys are WORKING on them right?)

LMK if there is something you would like to talk about!  [email protected]

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