Pornstar exposed a major european sex trafficking operation

First of all look away, you people who think that pornstars are the most immoral people on the face of the earth and deserve nothing short of eternal condemnation. ThePornDude is just about to debunk your narrow-minded thinking. Contrary to what you may think, pornstars are actually good human beings, and one of them might have just exposed a major European sex trafficking operation. You ask how?

Forbes and other mainstream media tell you that girls have been selling their virginity for up to £2,000,000 while others work as escorts where they make up to £9k per night through “Germany’s biggest escort agency”. You may recall the story of a teenaged girl who came out to claim that she was selling her virginity for £2million through an ‘agency’. What if I told you that the so-called agency- a certain Cinderella Escorts- actually lures the unknowing girls and makes them complicit in the promotion of an ongoing sex-trafficking operation? That is indeed what happens and it took a pornstar, Harriet Sugarcookie to expose them.

Cinderella escorts

Germany’s biggest escort agency may as well be famous because it’s what the mainstream media write about. What they don’t tell you is that it’s run from the bedroom of 26-year-old Jan Zakobielski in his parent’s home in Dortmund, Germany. It is actually run from a laptop and Zakobielski’s partner (coincidentally, he’s also named Jan) fields the calls from a number that’s listed for the company. So what is this agency all about then?

Allow me to take you back in November 2016, when then 18-year-old Aleexandra Kefren made international headlines after appearing on This Morning where she discussed plans to sell her virginity. The teenager claimed to have found an agency that would oversee the transaction and would only take a 20% cut compared to 50% another unnamed agency would have gotten. Many people bought the story and in fact a few months later, it was reported that a deal worth £2million had been done and that a hotel room had been booked where a Hong Kong businessman (the ‘client’) would be claiming his prize.

Aleexandra said at the time that she wanted ‘to sell my virginity to Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway.’ An investigation conducted by Sugarcookie, an award-winning British pornstar, revealed that it was all a hoax, a publicity stunt. No one was selling their virginity for that money. Not that there would have been a shortage of willing buyers though. Anyway, it now appears that the girl had been approached by a man who claimed that he would build her reputation as a ‘model’ before using her status to promote Cinderella Escorts by fabricating the story that she was selling her virginity. Needless say, the man was not interested in building her reputation and actually ended up ruining it, with the teenager almost disowned by her parents after her face was splashed all across international media. She even received death threats for good measure.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the agency abandoned her, having accomplished their mission. What’s more, she received nothing in the name of payment apart from booking fees and expenses paid by TV appearances and modeling jobs. All she was left with was a global hatred and a depression. She even contemplated suicide. She confessed to receiving hundreds of emails from other girls who wanted to follow her path and sell their virginity.

What these girls don’t know is that the agency uses the publicity they gain from newspaper articles to lure more girls into their sex trafficking scheme. According to Sugarcookie, many girls reading them contact Cinderella Escorts in the hopes of selling their virginity or becoming top paid escorts for A-List celebrities. But what actually happens is they are tricked into going to Athens, Greece where they make just €25 per client working in a brothel. The pornstar regrets that journalists didn’t conduct enough research before writing those articles sent to the girls as a way to get them to believe the whole thing is legitimate and trustworthy. Who knows how many hundreds of girls have been tricked this way?

How the alleged operation is run

The guy who runs the agency is Alexandros Kallinikidis, a Greek man going by various aliases. So according to Sugarcookie, the so-called Kallinikidis calls the girls who’ve shown interest and asks for their photos. It doesn’t matter whether its 2 am or pm, he insists on calling. He then sends links to the newspaper articles and asks the girls to read them before further talks can continue. The poor girls think this is a way of learning more about the agency, without realizing they are being tricked into working in a brothel. Because the articles come from reputable publications, it is easy to believe them, and the agency too. As a matter of fact, Cinderella Escort has an entire section dedicated to their mainstream press coverage on their website.

Once the girls have fallen for the trick, they are told to book a flight to Athens and have no time to think or back out. Once there, Kallinikidis provides accommodation and clubs to work in. To ensure they don’t discuss their circumstances and expose the scam, they are placed in different apartments. Kallinikidis even turns the girls hostile against each other by telling them that the other girls are normal whores and if they found out she will be rolling with a VIP client, they will mistreat her. The girls have no choice but to keep their mouths shut. Divide and rule it is, then.

Final Word

The saddest part is that girls are contacting Cinderella Escorts EVERYDAY due to the publicity the mainstream media give them. Problem is these girls are in danger and it will obviously take much more than an expose by a pornstar if the innocent girls are to be saved from this predicament.  Nonetheless, ThePornDude lauds Sugarcookie for her efforts and hope that something will be done, and soon, to save these girls from this very dangerous situation.

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