Pornstar “Kiki Minaj” reveals what life on set is really like

You see them on your PC or smartphone or wherever, with their moans and their crazy skills on set. I’m talking about the female pornstars. You jerk off to their videos, but have you ever wondered what life on set a porn film production is really like? Pornstar “Kiki Minaj,” tells us all you need to know about the things that happen behind the scenes and then some more. As usual, ThePornDude cannot allow such a juicy story to pass you by. The renowned pornstar has lots of things to say, including how she makes up to £6,000 for just three days filming!

On sexism

Contrary to popular opinion, women are NOT discriminated against in the porn industry. Far from it. As a matter of fact, they are the motherfucking stars and are remunerated accordingly. Speaking to Channel 5’s new series The Sex Business, which focuses on behind the scenes of the porn industry, the leading adult entertainer claims she can earn twice as much as her male colleagues for a similar amount of work. How about that for a start?

She said that “there’s no problem with this sexism thing in the porn industry”, because “it’s all about the girl”. A statement that is certainly not going to go down well with feminists.

In the sex industry I think women are taken very seriously, it’s all about the girl,’ Kiki said on the show.”

When people are watching porn and it’s a guy and a girl, they are mainly watching the girl.”

There’s no problem with this sexism thing in the porn industry. We have sex, we can’t have sexism when we’re having sex. In porn, you’re the star.” She explained.

Waiting around

If you thought pornstars spend loads of hours shooting the sex scenes, you are way off the mark. According to Kiki, “The actual sex part for me in a whole day is probably like 30 percent. This is the life, sitting around and waiting.”

She explained that there is a lot of waiting and the actual sex sometimes only takes only a few minutes. She sometimes spends up to 15 hours on set before any filming can take place. Even then, she only gets to perform for a few minutes and then she can call it a day. With the amount of money on offer, it doesn’t sound like too bad a career!

Likes her job

Kiki also added that she has no regrets about working in the porn industry. She insists that she takes it as a normal job and she is actually enjoying herself.

Funny thing, she initially moved from the West Midlands to London seeking to become an accountant. Things changed when she was asked to perform a same-sex scene for playboy and the money was too good to turn down.

I didn’t just choose porn, I’m an attention seeker. That’s what it is, so I like attention,” she said.

It was Playboy that sold it for me. It was kind of more worth going into boy-girl porn because it’s way more money.”

Well, the rest is history as she has been able to grow both her reputation and her skill set to a point where she now charges £2,000 to £6,000 and gets to travel around Europe for filming. Who wouldn’t like that kind of job?

The shooting of the Channel 5 documentary was especially an enjoyable experience for her and in her own admission, she liked being pampered on set.

It’s really exciting for me. I don’t think of it like ‘oh I’m going to work today I’m going to… have sex’. I’m going there and going to get my makeup done for an hour or two and I go in the wardrobe and get clothes.”

However, she was quick to add that sex in porn is different from sex in real life. “When you’re having sex at home, you’re just having sex, you love the person or whatever. In porn everything has to be open to the camera, so everything has to be… on an angle, it’s not very comfortable.” She explained.

Different private life

Working in porn is just like any other job and the stars get to have their own private lives. Kiki is no different. Her day job may revolve around sex, but in private, she is much more low-key and enjoys chilling with her friends or indulging in her favourite hobby- baking.

She tries hard to keep her private life separate from work, just like a normal worker would. And if you thought her childhood played a big role in her decision to work in the adult entertainment industry, think again. In her own admission, she had a pretty normal childhood, grew up in a loving home where she and her siblings lacked nothing and all that.

I think I had a good childhood, my mum was cool, my dad was cool. We had good stuff, we always had what we wanted, we have done lots of day trips, we went to Blackpool all the time.”

I know some women whose children will be out there stealing, shooting drugs and crack and all sorts of stuff.” That certainly doesn’t sound like a troubled childhood to me.


With a well-paying job where she hurts nobody and duly pays her taxes, where is the problem? Furthermore, even more, ‘respectable’ people in the society including doctors and nurses are ‘busting it out at home on the webcam to make extra money on the side.’

It is just a means to make money by the end of the day.

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