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Pornstar of the Week: Kora Peters

Ever wanted to fuck a milf? Then you’ll LOVE this week’s Pornstar of the Week: Kora Peters. Pornstar of the Week - Kora Peters

Kora Peters (AKA Kora Cummings) is a milf fuck machine!  She has a super hot website and she specializes in foot fetishes and female domination (among many other things).  She has a bunch of clips for sale here and here. Check her out on Twitter @korapeters and she JUST started her Instagram a couple days ago so be sure to give her a follow on Instagram @korapeters because it’s sure to be sexy and make you wish this southern belle was in your bed night after night.

For the next week on our Instagram feed, we’ll be featuring Kora’s hot ass pictures and we expect you all to like them, show your friends, and follow Kora.  Here are some pictures that we can’t show on Instagram.

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