Pornstar running for president in 2020

A few years ago, nobody would have thought that a reality TV personality with no previous experience in politics in the name of Donald Trump would vie, and win, the race to the White House. Why can’t anyone else do it then? Well, you know it’s the 21st century when you have a former porn star (yes, you read that right) declaring her ambitions to run for the US presidency in 2020. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Cherie Deville, who has announced that she will be vying for presidency using the Democratic Party ticket with her running mate, Coolio (who’s a Grammy award-winning rapper). She is also proposing another pornstar, Alix Lynx, as her press secretary should she win the American hot seat. Perhaps a good enough team to challenge President Donald Trump.

Make America fucking awesome again

Well, above is the slogan that Deville intends to use to popularise her presidential bid. Men clothing brand ‘Fucking Awesome’ sponsors her campaign and after more than six years riding and sucking cocks for a career, she feels she has enough experience to make America fucking awesome again. She is very serious about it. She claims that her years in the adult entertainment industry, coupled with the fame and notoriety she has gained (if you may) will actually be more helpful to her course than hinder it. Well, we’ve seen stranger things. Brace yourselves for a rough ride ahead (pun intended).

No previous political experience

When she was asked whether she has any prior political experience, Deville was quickly pointed out that Donald Trump also had no such experience and people voted for him anyway. She says that previously, she never cared about who won the presidency whether a Democrat or a Republican. Whoever won to her was fit enough to hold that office. According to her, the election of trump changed her way of thinking when she realized that people were actually willing to elect celebrities into office. She says the fame she has gained is actually ‘good for TV’ and if people are willing to vote for celebrity and scandal, she will give them more than they are willing to bargain for.

Negative reception

Cherie Deville says that she expects no less than a negative reception from the wider society. However, she feels like even if she may not be able to secure the Democratic candidature, her announcement will create buzz which will give her an opportunity to pass her ideas across (she has some pretty bright ones by the way). Kindly click here to view what she stands for. Personally, I have a feeling that this is going to change the way people perceive players in the adult entertainment industry.

For the longest time ever, pornstars and those working in the adult entertainment industry, in general, have been viewed as evil people who deserve nothing but hell and eternal condemnation. At least Deville is showing people that porn actors are also decent human beings with ideas on how they can improve their country. She’d certainly be a breath of fresh air notwithstanding the initial negative reception.

If you’ve watched porn, you known her

Unless you have been in a coma for a very long time, you’ve definitely come across this determined lass. She admits that working every day of the week has made her porn more prevalent than anybody else’s.  Her nakedness has been a permanent feature in millions of porn lover’s minds, and only blind people can claim to have never seen her. Perhaps all the porn lovers will cast their votes for her? Let’s wait and see.  As we wait, be sure to visit our top pornstar’s directory and see all your favourite pornstars.

For those of us who think that Deville is just a random weirdo looking for cheap attention, she has these words for you. Her vagina is more famous than your whole family combined. She, therefore, has enough publicity to be looking for cheap attention. Remember in the entertainment industry; no publicity is bad publicity. Her porn will continue gaining the publicity for her, which can only mean good business.

Normal people in office

The race for the White House has never been one for the faint-hearted. And so, Deville and Coolio, her running mate, feel it’s about time America elected normal people in the country’s highest office. They feel that if the country is electing people because of their wealth or fame, the country may as well be living in a reality show.

Deville feels she has what it takes to be the president. For starters, she is a celebrity in whichever way you may want to look at it. On that qualification alone, she is at par with Trump (which is not meant to compliment trump in any way). Additionally, she is an antidote to what she calls ‘boring political news’.  What the American people want, according to her, is more interesting, scandalous news and being a Pornstar, the 39-year-old has more than her share of scandalous news.

Creating momentum

Cherrie Deville is yet to file her official bid. However, she is waiting for the perfect moment after which she will have created enough momentum to get her campaign going.  You can take it or leave it, but the truth is she has and will continue to generate enough buzz to attract the whole country’s attention. From a political point of view now that she already admitted her vagina is super famous. With the likes of you and I fully behind her bid, things are already looking up for her.


If you made the mistake of being too overconfident over Hillary Clinton becoming president, this time you might want to keep an open mind. The mighty United States of America is never short of surprises.  Americans might actually elect a female pornstar as their president. Well, that remains to be seen. But whether she makes it or not, she will have at least shown that pornstars are also decent people with ambitions and vision for their country. I have this feeling that there are more than just a few people looking forward to fapping for madam president. All the best to her from I ThePornDude.

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