Pornstar Siri Does AMA on Reddit!

Ever wanted to hear what its like working in porn from a real pornstar? Award-winning porn star, Siri recently jumped on one of the world’s biggest social media sites – Reddit – and conducted a very confessional AMA (Ask me anything) interview of sorts where she addresses her fetishes, favorite positions and more!

Siri started her porn career in 2012. She’s loved by the world over for her voluptuous, curvy figure, adorable face and of course, her big, huge and natural titties!

Here’s some of Siri’s answers from her IAmA:

Do you feel any pressure to lose weight?

(Please note that I am answering this question from the POV of being a mainstream porn performer, and not a niche performer. There is a fetish for everything, and obviously in certain niches, there is less, or no, pressure for performers to be thin. I am speaking only in the context of the LA-based adult film industry and the large commercial studios based here.)

I’ll start by mentioning that I am 5’9″ tall, weigh 145 lbs, and wear a women’s dress size 8.
The average American woman is a size 14, 5’5″ tall, and weighs 164 pounds. Look at this website: What Real Women Look Like and you can see the variety of ways a 5’5″, 160-pound woman can carry her weight. Most of these women look just fine to me, but by porn’s ridiculous standards they would be considered fat or obese.
The average porn star is a size 4-6, 5’5″ tall, and weighs 117 pounds. Considerably smaller than the average American woman. (avg. porn star statistics are from Jon Millward’s infographic compiling stats from 10,000 male and female porn performers. The entire graphic is linked at the bottom of this post).

The concept of what a normal, healthy woman looks like is warped in the adult film industry. I have seen myself incorrectly labeled a “BBW” (Big Beautiful Woman), which is considered a niche in the porn industry, typically referring to very overweight and obese women. This is a huge red flag to me, because I am well within the healthy weight range for someone my height; at most I would consider myself “thick,” because I have a big butt and thick thighs. (Also, my boobs alone account for about 15 pounds of my weight.) In contrast, my bra size is 30H, which means I measure 30″ across my back, whereas the average female performer has a smaller cup size but measures 34-36″ across the back.

Amazingly, I have never been told directly by a director, producer, agent or other decision-maker in the porn industry that I should lose weight. And if they had told me that, I would have told them to suck it, because I think I look great. On the other hand, some of my female friends in the industry (who are thinner than me) have been told to lose weight and “tone up.”

But, despite not having been told face-to-face that I’m “too big,” I have indeed felt a lot of pressure from the adult film industry to be smaller. In my case it seems to manifest by certain companies and producers simply ignoring me because they think I won’t “sell.” It doesn’t take a genius to look around me and see that girls who are 20 pounds lighter than me are considered to be more marketable and less of a “gamble” by producers and directors. There’s a handful of “top-tier” companies who have never hired me for this reason, and probably won’t ever hire me–unless I magically become a size 4. That’s their loss. (And genetically, that is literally not even possible for me – my hipbones are so wide that I will never wear a pants size smaller than an 8. If you see a photo of me naked, the widest part of my hips is already the bone itself). I could starve myself trying to be a more “perfect,” marketable porn star, and I would get absolutely nowhere, except hating myself. Besides, I wouldn’t ever try that, because one of the many reasons I became a porn performer was to change the image of what a successful, attractive adult film star looks like.)

This is where I see a bit of a chicken-or-egg scenario: There are some porn decision-makers and avid porn fans who are conditioned to think that the only attractive female is a thin one with less than 10% body fat. And because porn is created in order to satisfy fan demand, this is strange to me. Which came first – the director who only hires thin girls, thereby conditioning fans to expect and like that, or fans demanding to see only thin girls, thereby conditioning directors to like that? Either way it’s a completely pointless, self-serving concept, which does nothing but limit the profitability of studios and performers.

I have a large, extremely loyal fan base which is very willing to spend money to support me. My fans are also fans of many of my peers who are average-porn-star-size-4. In the fan’s mind, there is no difference in desirability between me and my thinner peers; we just have different body types. Each of us is equally valuable to the adult industry; just as marketable as the other. I just wish that more of the decision-makers in the adult film industry could be on board with me on this. It’s a change that is definitely going to have to come with time, in baby steps, and with lots of hard work.

Favorite pornsites like xnxx, xhamster, pornhub, etc?

I don’t like nor support tube sites. They allow and often promote pirated content. Nor do I like porn fans who never pay for porn.

I will simply say this: If you like watching my porn, if you like watching me get naked and fuck, then please pay for something. Buy a few DVDs. Buy a membership to a site I’m on. Buy a membership to MY site if you want. Just pay for something, at some point. Whatever you can afford. If you ONLY watch free pirated stuff you’re not a fan, you’re a leech contributing to the shit-ification of the porn industry. And if you can afford to pay for something but you always watch the free stuff because you can’t bear to pay for something you can otherwise find for free illegally, then you’re an asshat.

If there is one thing you can change about the industry, what is it?

I would invent a magical scepter which would make pirating porn impossible, and therefore make the adult film industry as profitable as it once was for everyone working in it.

Q:It’s 99.9% due to tube sites that anyone knows who you are. Just saying.

Even if that number were accurate, which I know it is not, that doesn’t matter. Fame does not pay the bills. Fame does not guarantee a living or any money at all. Fame is just fame.

I didn’t choose this career because I wanted to be famous. I chose it because I love performing and I love sex and expressing my sexuality. I don’t want everyone to know who I am, I just want to make a living doing what I love. And it’s sad that it’s so hard to do that because of tube sites and torrents cheapening my work.

No offense but maybe you joined the wrong fucking industry given that you indicated you have only been fucking for pay for about a year. Tube sites and “piracy” are hardly new developments since your foray into getting pounded as a profession.

Actually, what I do on a daily basis requires a FUCKTON more work than simply showing up somewhere and “getting pounded.” But I totally understand how it’s easier on your conscience to imagine that what I do is mindless, because then you don’t feel like a shitface for stealing it.

I work 80 hours a week or more, and on average less than sixteen of those hours are actually spent on a porn set, and less than four of them spent actually engaging in sex on camera. Everything else is me taking the time and effort required to manage my business and all of its smaller individual income streams, including my own website, for which I personally shoot AND edit ALL of my photos and videos.

Like the vast majority of female performers in the industry who’ve been in for over a year, I don’t shoot more than an average of two scenes per week. ONE which might be boy/girl penetration sex, and the other a BJ scene or GG scene or something non-penetration-sex.

9am: Wake up, get my suitcase together.

10am: Drive 30 mins-1hour to set, arrive for my 11am call time.

11:00: Do my paperwork, sit in hair/makeup for 1-1.5 hours.

12:00: Shoot a set of solo stills, which usually takes about an hour.

1-2:00: the male talent arrives between 1-2, and does his paperwork while crew re-sets lights.

2:00: shoot intro video for scene, may take up to 2 hours depending on complexity of scenario and set-ups.

4:00: shoot boy/girl sex stills.

5:00: shoot boy/girl video, including cum shot.

6:00: If there IS a softcore version to be shot, then we’d shoot the softcore photos and videos now. That would take another 1.5 hours.

6:15: If there is NO softcore stuff, then we’re done for the day, talent collects their checks if it is same-day pay, otherwise the check is mailed after 2 weeks.

There are a multitude of challenges that might get in the way of talent being able to work regularly.
PHYSICALLY, we depend on our bodies staying healthy to even be able to work. If I just get a cold, I might be sent home from a shoot because my nose is running and I’m sniffling a lot, for example. If I shoot a bondage scene one week that results in bruises on my thighs, then my B/G scene the following week will likely be cancelled, because I cannot appear on camera with bruises on my skin. The studio would send me home and call in another girl to substitute in my place.

Many female performers have their own boundaries for what they can do physically and how often. For example, I cannot film more than 1 boy/girl scene in a week, because the sex is so intense and usually with a much-larger-than-average sized penis. My vagina needs a few days to recuperate.

MENTALLY, Being in such a highly competitive industry can be challenging. You really have to develop a thick skin and not let anything get to you. I’m a curvier girl, so if I sat around all day wondering why my petite peers get jobs that I don’t get, I would go nuts. Out of necessity I’ve had to work on developing a very thick skin so that I don’t take things like that personally. Personally, it’s my toughest challenge.

MOST OF MY WORK takes place on the internet – on social networks like twitter, instagram, youtube, via blogging and posting on message boards, and via email communications with my fans. I get 100+ emails every day, and I read and respond to every single one (even though it might take me a week or two in some cases). In order to retain my loyal fan base and create new fans, I have to keep myself out there in front of them. It’s several hours of work every day which I am thrilled to be doing – but it’s not necessarily “easy” money, as so many fans like to think. Remember this: I’m only shooting a handful of scenes every month, and the rest of my work every day in between is not actually paid, it’s me managing my daily business (the aforementioned social networking/email communications, shooting my own scenes at home for my membership site, and editing videos) and laying groundwork to hopefully get more opportunities in the future.

The minority of my income is from being hired to film scenes. The majority comes from a plethora of smaller, more consistent income streams that require constant upkeep such as managing multiple online stores (like clips4sale and FreeOnes) where I sell video clips, auctioning off or selling my own merchandise online, creating custom-ordered videos for fans, and from fans joining my official membership site, which I update 2x per week with new content.

I personally spend up to eight hours with my hands “in the mud” forming each sex scene and photoset or video update that goes on siripornstar.com. How the fuck do you think I feel when I see that someone has uploaded MY stuff to a tube or torrent site? And how do you think I feel when an asshole like you tells me there’s nothing wrong with that?

This isn’t me hiring some guy with a camera and then sending the footage off to an editor and then it magically appears on my website. This is me, with my husband holding the camera, creating content that my fans ASK to see, and spending hours editing it and converting the footage and uploading and processing the files through my site. It is a labor of love. And I would NOT be doing this if I didn’t like it or if I wanted something that was easy money. I don’t want to get rich, I just want to be able to make a living doing what I love without a bunch of assholes stealing it and then defending their entitlement to have it for free simply because, “This is the internet.”

Likewise, I wouldn’t have spent 5+ hours tonight answering questions/comments on reddit, the majority of which are insulting and derivative, if I didn’t know that there would be a light of a few kind, adoring fans at the end of the douchebag troll redditor tunnel.

How did your parents react to your career choice? Are they open minded, and accept what you do, or have they got problems with your lifestyle?

My family is never a matter of public discussion for me. I chose my career and they did not.

Has “porn sex” altered your regular sex life at all?

For the most part, no. But every once in a while, I have a scene which is so hardcore it leaves me too sore to enjoy other sexual activity for a few days, in one case two weeks because I was vaginally torn during the scene. I try to avoid that kind of situation by knowing and explaining my physical limitations to male talent/directors, and by not working with giant cocks.

Do the male performers/directors ever feel guilty about that after it happens?

Depends on the performer and the director. Nobody’s going to force a girl to finish a scene if she can’t continue, but they sure will judge her and probably tell everyone else about it if she can’t at least make it through to the pop shot. Personally, the attitude I’ve encountered most often is, “If your vagina can’t handle the biggest penis the porn industry has to offer, then you’re in the wrong business.” Which is part of the reason why I’m independent (not with any agency), so that I can have more control over the size of the guys I’m paired with.

Does your husband also have sex with other people?

Yes, he does. We are equal-opportunity non-monogamists!

If you weren’t in the porn industry what would you be doing now?

I’d be a makeup artist. It requires a lot of skills I possess and enjoy putting to use: entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and a steady hand, to name a few.

Does the idea that a bunch of dudes fantasize about you turn you on? Is it empowering? or do you not think about it?

I honestly don’t think about it too often.

But when I do, it does turn me on. I don’t know if I’d say it’s empowering necessarily, because I realize that a majority of porn viewers won’t ever think of me as an actual human being. But it is kind of fun just to think about how many guys must have blown their loads watching my scenes. I’ve made a lot of penises happy.

Do you and your husband look at your own porn or is that too odd?

All the time. And we have sex while we watch it.

You’ve used the word ‘slut’ to refer to yourself on your site(s). What do you think the connotations are of using a negative term like it? Shouldn’t porn actresses (who presumably want to portray a healthy appreciation of sex) use positive words? Does that mean you consider yourself a slut in real life, or is it just a marketing term to sell the illusion of your sexual availability?

If we all agree that the modern usage of “slut” generally means “a promiscuous woman,” then that I am. I have a lot of sex with a lot of people, and not just on camera. And I’m a swinger in my personal life.
I do have a healthy appreciation of sex, and IMO “slut” is only a negative word to the extent that men (and often other women) hurl it as an insult toward women who behave in any manner, sexual or not, that the insulter deems inappropriate.

I know you’ve said that decision to get into the adult industry was a well thought out plan. What was the biggest surprise when you finally started working in it compared to your expectations going in?

Also, I was most surprised to find out that all female performers are expected to work as usual while on their periods. And the industry’s incredibly elegant solution to prevent a girl from creating a bloody mess on film? Shove makeup sponges up your vagina to block the flow of blood.

[Follow up:] How does that affect filming?

It doesn’t. It’s just a weird factoid about porn. Well, if a girl got a sponge pushed so far up there that she couldn’t retrieve it herself, she’d have to have someone else (a man with larger hands, perhaps?) retrieve it for her. Not a health problem, just awkward


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