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PornWikiLeaks Scum Let Loose-UPDATE

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that i am not posting as much as usual. It’s been a very hard week.

Let me tell you what I’ve been through lately and how tough it is to stand up for what you believe in…

My usual option of letting everyone speak on an issue, and letting YOU, my readers decide who is right and wrong, flew out the window for me on this topic, when pictures of people’s children, their names, and where they lived & went to school got posted.

I have always done my best to give you all opinions and let you decide for yourself what to believe. Even on issues where i had a major opinion I prided myself on the fact that I didn’t shove my thoughts down your throat. In general I keep quiet, presented all sides of an issue and  ALWAYS let you decide for your self, who is right & wrong.

I will of course continue that here. But you are going to have my opinion in the mix on this one  & I am pissed..

This topic has been around for quite some time. We first heard about all the personal data, (names. addresses, family members. pictures, etc), being released several months back.

I decided that I could no longer JUST work behind the scenes on this. I have to tell you what has been going on.

It sucks for me that I cannot tell you all that I would like to. Because of the crimes of blackmail, and extorsion & the involvement of are govt orgs there is a lot I can’t say.

I’ll just let you know that there is an ongoing campaign to stop the scumbags who are involved in PWL.   I do beleive that Donny Long is a major part of it all. Tera from freepornstarpix has proven herself as a poster at their site, and a donny long fan. (one of her posts Tara called Donny a GOD)

There is an article out saying Monica Foster is a Donny Long supporter which is the ultimate joke because Donny has done nothing but rip monica apart, and treat her as an enemy.  Monica supports and the fight to rid the world of PWL.

There are many people involved in this fight who I won’t name because they don’t need the grief it will bring them. Two of the most outspoken ones (and thus they are the target of most of the hate) are Mike of & Sean of They deserve the credit for rallying the troops and exposing things we would otherwise not know about.

There have been several attempts to hack LIB, but with the help of several techs watching my back (you guys rock!), so far all is well. I have updated the security on the site and plugged any holes a rat could crawl into.

Some things are worth fighting for. Talking badly about, posting pictures of, & giving names, locations and contact info (like their FB page) of people’s children is something I am willing to put it all on the line to stop. I hope you agree.



PS-The Mallcom ad is still on PWL. Mallcom owns Just saying…..

The most recent message Donny sent me- “hard week? We are just getting started bitch, wait till we have your address and families addresses! “

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