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Pow! Wham! Batman Directors Barely Avoid Backstage Fist Fight


In  truth mimicking fiction, Batman XXX director Axel Braun and BatFxxx Director Nick Steele barely avoided a fist fight backstage at the AVN awards.

An insider who was there tells me Axel was talking to Mr Pete when Axel overheard Nick calling him an asshole, but ignored it. Then Nick yelled “Hey Axel! Guess what…I just kissed your sister!”

Axel had had enough, he took off his glasses walked up to Nick, got in his face and pushed his forehead against Nick’s. Axel asked Nick to repeat what he said. Nick said “You don’t know who you are messing with”  Axel said  “OH I know exactly who I’m messing with..A FAT FUCK THAT IS ABOUT TO GET HIS FACE REARRANGED!”

At that point Dale Dabone dressed in full Elvis garb arrived on the scene and said with a snear ” “Come on baby, it ain’t worth it…” and dragged Axel away.

I asked Dale about this and he said  “It was Elvis breakin up a fight backstage at avn….classic!!! Can’t believe nobody snapped any pics!”

I asked Axel for his version of the fight, he said  “It wasn’t a fight. Some drunk fat guy who shoots for Bluebird insulted me and I got in his face, that’s all.”

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