Praise Lexi Belle!

I felt it was about time I wrote a post about the one and only Lexi Belle.

What’s not to like about Lexi Belle? She’s a beautiful young girl who has no problems showing you her body, and letting you watch her get off on a daily basis. She’s been in the industry since at least 2006, outlasting most of the female pornstars I know. Plus, just look at that ass.

Lexi will be joining us live on Friday this week! You can ask her questions, tell her to say your name, or just lean back and enjoy the show. Mark your calendars! Friday at 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific.

Without further ado, here are some great videos of Lexi Belle, because, LEXI BELLE.

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Lexi Has Sex for Grades

Giggly schoolgirl Lexi has awful grades. Turns out, she’s hasn’t been paying any attention in class, napping and texting. Professor Pierce calls her into his room after class to discuss what they can do to make up her grade. Lexi sees right through the teacher’s attempts to dismiss her cuteness and plays it up, pulling up her skirt to reveal her panties. It’s not long before they start fucking.

Lexi GaGa Fucks at Work

So, back when Lady GaGa was first gaining popularity, we had Lexi Belle suit up and play her. Turns out, she didn’t even know who GaGa was at the time. Regardless, she pulled off a great performance. Be sure not to miss the goofy dance-off between Rocco Reed and a washed up backup dancer.

Maid Lexi Belle Spins on a Cock

This isn’t even a porn.com scene, it’s a Lethal Hardcore scene, but I had to include it! Where else are you going to see girls spinning in cirlces on cocks? Nowhere!

Lexi Belle’s First Sexperience

Ever wondered what happened the first time Lexi Belle had sex? I’ll give you a hint: it involved plastic wrap!

And it that’s not enough, here’s four more videos to check out.

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