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Primetime Uncensored Bought by Push magazine?

I hear the station is going on a one-month hiatus.

Joe writes: “Push magazine is based out of Las Vegas I believe, we met them 2 Erotica LA’s ago and they have talked about getting involved with either KSEX or Primetime Uncensored… They seem to be a decent outfit of people but I have not heard about them in a while.”

Michael Fattorosi, owner of PrimeTime Uncensored, writes on XPT:

I love Luke, he never allows facts to stand in the way of a good headline. Unfortunately, its untrue. I wish I was about to rake in millions, okay thousands, well maybe $12.83 for but alas it is not to be.

PUSH Magazine is owned by a friend in Phoenix and its a relative upstart rag. They are a highend glossy mag that covers the adult entertainment industry. Basically, we can give him content, ie interviews, vids, photos and he can cross promote and sell ads for us.

Not a sale, not a merger, just some good ole networking.

We are closing for a month in order to relaunch as a channel site and to rebuild the studio. I want to add some new sets and to cover costs – rent it out on occasion. We are moving all production to Saturdays, cutting shows to 1 hr.

We are looking to ad more varied content and to do more “out of the studio” types of shows.

I am really enjoy doing the Howl and LA Improv show.

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