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Prinzess Exclusive Interview- Part 2

Prinzzess- Part 2   You can read part 1 here-

Interview By Cindi Loftus
[email protected]
Photography by Van Styles courtesy of Girlfriends Films
©2009Xcitement Magazine

You can read the whole interview and see naked pics here

X: What did your parents think when they found out?
P: My Dad only knows about the magazines and he said not to let my Mom know because he wants her to die happy. (Laughs) So she being in Belize still doesn’t know and I plan to keep it that way as long as possible. She’s super modest. She saw a picture of me with my butt checks hanging out and called me a prostitute. That in her mind was a prostitute picture.
X: So her finding out about your career would not be a good thing.
P: No, no. It doesn’t really change anything. She still doesn’t like me, can’t stand me. Me and my Mom just don’t plain get along.
X: Well it’s your Mom and you only get one. Is she Amish?
P: No. They are Seventh Day Adventists.
X: That’s not better.
P: When I was six, my Dad moved to Belize as a missionary to build churches and schools.
X: Are you religious at all now?
P: I am, but not practicing it. I believe the same way my parents do, but I am failing to go to church and practice it at the moment.

X: Do you eat meat? (Seventh Day Adventists are often vegetarians)
P: I do eat meat. I don’t eat pork or seafood.
X: And you do eat pussy. (Laughs) Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
P: I have pretty much fulfilled most of them.
X: Lucky girl.
P: (Laughs) But yes there are a couple. There are certain girls in the industry that I would really like to have sex with.
X: Tell me names, I’ll hook you up.
P: Girlfriend Films already agreed to a couple of the matches I chose. One is Sophia Santi and the other is Sunny Leone.
X: You have good taste!
P: You know them?
X: Yes, I have interviewed both of them.
P: I have been in awe of those two girls right since I started in the industry. And I am finally going to, Girlfriends is going to hook me up with them.
X: You are a contract girl, but you can bring them to you, because they aren’t under contract.
P: Exactly.

X: What is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
P: The weirdest place I ever had sex is probably common for a lot of people. A lot of people have sex in a car. I skipped that whole thing because I never went to high school. I never went to college. So I never really had a reason to have sex in a car. But I did do it, and the reason it happened was because my car blew a tire on the highway, so we drove it at two miles an hour to the nearest gas station. We pulled into the gas station, used their phone to call the tow truck and got bored and had sex in my car in front of the gas station. The tow truck driver came before we got finished and was sitting outside the car with this big grin on his face as my car was rocking back and forth.
X: It was probably worth the wait for him.
P: (Laughs) It was pretty funny.

X: How come you didn’t go to high school?
P: I did home school. I have an actual high school diploma, but I did it all from home. I was in Belize in a remote area and lived in the Amish community. I did go to the Amish school for about a year but other then that we ordered the school books. They send you the books. You study the books and send the books back. They send you a test, you do the test and send it back and they grade you according to that. So that was my high school experience.
X: That’s odd. You had no one in high school with you?
P: Nope. Just me.
X: That could do a number of things to you. Like you said when you got away, you rebelled.
P: Yes and it made me very shy. Not being around strangers, not being around many people all the time. I think that’s the reason that I am shy. I have gotten over it more and more over the years, I am more outgoing, but I still have my shy moments.
X: That’s understandable. Is it hard for you to walk into a room full of people and know that you are going to take off your clothes and have sex?
P: That doesn’t effect me. It’s more talking in a crowd. I’m okay when it is one on one but when there is a lot of people I get really quiet.

X: So you would rather do a sex scene then go to a convention?
P: Conventions are fun. It’s more doing interviews, when they have a camera and a microphone in your face. What if they don’t like me or what if I don’t know the answer to a question they ask me. Or at a dinner party in a conversation I get shy. But one on one like we are now doesn’t effect me.
X: I can totally understand that. It sounds like you didn’t have tons of social practice when you were younger, so how could you feel comfortable?
P: That’s exactly right.
X: If people could only see one scene of yours ever, what scene should they see?
P: I haven’t yet seen the one scene that I am hoping is really good, so I can’t answer that all the way. My favorite girl to work with is Alyssa Reese so I am hoping that scene came out really, really, really good, but I haven’t seen it yet. It’s in Women Seeking Women 56.
X: You know it’s a good series when it’s all the way up to 56.
P: Yeah.

X: Have you worked with the other two contract girls yet?
P: Yes I have worked with both of them. I haven’t worked with Rayveness since we started the contract. I worked with India Summer four or five times now. She’s awesome.
X: Girlfriend Films certainly did well picking contract girls, quite a variety. You are young and blonde, India is 30’s and dark haired, and Rayveness is the MILF type. Good selection.
P: They did make a good selection also because we all really like each other. I am really good friends with Rayveness. I met India on the set of Girlfriends and we have had sex off camera so you know you really like someone when you do that.
X: Okay, well now you have to tell me about your off camera sex with India.
P: About four weeks ago she had this regular saw that you cut pipes with like you get at Home Depot and they attached a dildo onto the head of that and it goes in and out. So she was talking about using it in the scene the whole time and we ended up not being able to use it in a scene so I told her look I want to use it on you. I want to fuck you with this. So we ended up doing it off camera. So that last day we did each other. So I did her with the fuck saw, then I did her with my bunny rabbit and she did me with my bunny rabbit and it was pretty fun. She fucked me four times that night.
X: So you are a horny girl!
P: Yeah.

X: I talk to you sometimes on Twitter, and I read a lot of what you write and you seem to really like buffets.
P: (Laughs) Right now I am under my weight so I can pig out. But once I reach my weight I will have to stop eating like that and I won’t be going to buffets. I absolutely love buffets, but I would probably get fat if I did them regularly.
X: Well Golden Corral is one of my favorites and I know you go there.
P: Yes, I was just there yesterday.
X: What did you have the most of?
P: I had a whole entire plate of dessert which I almost finished, and I had a huge plate of mashed potatoes, gravy and corn all mixed together.
X: That sounds great, because I get mashed potatoes, gravy, corn & pot roast.
P: I don’t eat that much meat. I didn’t eat any meat at Golden Corral. I stuffed myself and then I still went out with a piece of cauliflower in my hand, eating cauliflower as I left.

X: You already have your Christmas list going…
P: It’s not a list, but I was in Best Buy and I looked at the Mac Laptop and decided that was what I wanted for Christmas. I probably would have bought it already but they tell me that all my programs like Photoshop and everything won’t work on it, because all my software is for PC. So it is gonna cost me about two grand to switch over.
X: I know, I did that not too long ago. It might be expensive initially, but it is so worth it. If you could design a movie from start to finish what would it be?
P: I think I would do something, have you seen Van Helsing?
X: Yes.
P: I would do something Vampire related with gorgeous girls in gorgeous gowns pretty much bloodsucking as they went along and having sex with their victims. I like the idea of vampires and sex. And I haven’t seen any really good vampire sex movies.
X: That definitely sounds good. Lesbian vampires. Do you have a message for your fans?
P: I love my fans. I want to meet as many of them as possible. I hope they can come to my feature shows and conventions and meet me. I love meeting actual fans that came there to see me. I love that. Follow me on Twitter, on MySpace and check out my website!

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