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Priya Rai Exclusive & This Ain’t Hawaii Five O pics

 A quickie with Priya Rai  by Cindi Loftus
Pictures from Hustler Story from Xcitement Mag

I have long admired the beauty of Priya Rai ( aka Priya Aniali Rai), and have always wanted to speak to her for an interview, it just never seemed to work out. Until now.  I just went on Twitter, and lucky enough, found her and her best buddy Eric on line. After a couple tweets, I was on the phone with Priya. Ain’t the internet grand?

She’s an exotic Indian beauty, who had been a stripper for several years and just decided it was time to take the next step, into porn. “I have always been a very sexual person and I thought I’m not getting any younger. I finally decided it was time.”  At 5’3, and with an amazingly curvy body, she soon found she was perfectly suited for the adult industry.

She is currently recovering at home from surgery to replace her breast implants.  I asked her why she had her implants changed. She told me she had too because of a problem with encapsulation that couldn’t be fixed any other way. I asked if her new boobs were bigger, smaller or the same. She told me ” I’m not releasing that information to the public. You will have to go to soon to find out.”

These are the last pics I know of with her “old” boobs.

I was VERY HAPPY to hear that Hustler was filming their parody version of Hawaii Five O, called This Ain’t Hawaii Five O and it was starring Priya in the lead role of Kona! Since I have an “in” with Hustler ( wink) I got these amazingly gorgeous pictures before anyone else. I asked Priya what she liked about shooting this movie. She said “It was just fun. It was not a serious shoot. The atmosphere was vibrant, bubbly and Jack Lawrence was hilarious!”

As I write this (mid December) no one has seen the movie, it’s not even out to the critics for review yet. It will be out to purchase on January 4th. I’m getting this one FOR SURE!

Movie is out TODAY!!!


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