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Professional ‘Girlfriend’ at Sheri’s Ranch Reviews The Girlfriend Experience

Sheri’s Ranch, a top Las Vegas-area legal brothel and sex resort that offers the popular Girlfriend Experience (GFE) service, recently posted a review on its blog about new Starz TV series The Girlfriend Experience, by Sheri’s courtesan Allissa.

The post, ‘Does The Girlfriend Experience Give Good GFE?’, explores the truths and myths about prostitution between the show’s portrayal of its lead character Chelsea and Allissa’s day-to-day reality at Sheri’s Ranch.

While Allissa proclaims the show itself to be ” one of the best fictional stories about a prostitute ever told,” with its great acting, storyline and cinematography, Chelsea‘s service specialty – the actual ‘Girlfriend Experience’ itself – is woefully lacking.

“In sex work, a Girlfriend Experience is a session in which the client and courtesan connect on an emotional level and share intimacy that goes beyond the physical,” writes Allissa, adding that GFE’s Chelsea “gives a pretty crappy GFE. She’s ice-cold, detached and shows little interest in her client’s emotional needs.”

Allissa notes that “a real GFE works the opposite way… we’re there for our clients 100%, fully engaged, deeply intimate and ready to exceed expectations.”

How would Chelsea‘s fictional service go over at Sheri’s? According to Allissa, not so well. “If Chelsea from The Girlfriend Experience on Starz worked at a licensed brothel, she probably wouldn’t get a lot of repeat customers; which is fine, because we already have a beautiful Chelsea working at Sheri’s Ranch and she gives a fantastic GFE.”

Located in Pahrump, Nevada, sixty miles west of Las Vegas, Sheri’s Ranch is Nevada’s first and only full-service legal sex resort. The Ranch was purchased by former Chicago homicide detective Chuck Lee in 2001 and was remodeled into a fantasyland of bungalows and specialty rooms with a variety of titillating themes. With a hotel and restaurant on the property, Lee and his exemplary staff have taken great care to maintain a resort playground with the clients’ safety, privacy, and satisfaction in mind.

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